[Spoilers] Shameless Season 8 Release Date Announced!

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Season 8 premiered on Showtime on November 5. While the season premiered on cable, what does that mean for Netflix? The last episode is scheduled to air on January 21. So when can we expect to see season 8 on Netflix?

Let’s Recap


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Frank opened a homeless shelter with his new family– Since his “old” family wasn’t supportive of his actions. Quite frankly, his kids were fed up with everything that he had done and was continuing to do to them.

So Frank found a new family to support him with his ridiculous ways– He aptly named them names like, “new Fiona” and “new Lip”.

Later in the season, Frank ditches his “new” family when he was reunited with Monica. Monica and Frank’s new found love has taken a new road. They’ve got their eyes set on each other.

Frank and Monica renewed their vows– But things took a horrible turn when Monica was unresponsive the morning after.


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Monica reappeared in the Gallagher’s lives. She wanted to mend bridges where she could, fix her kids problems, and be the mom that she chose not to be.

It was hard to love Monica, especially knowing that she was absent most of the kids’ lives, however, the kids wanted to be supportive of the love that their parents shared and they were right by their side celebrating the vow renewal.

The vow renewal ended on a happy note, making it a shocking moment when Monica didn’t wake up the next day. Life caught up with her and she passed on from a massive cerebral hemorrhage.

Frank made sure to made a speech at the funeral that no one could deny. He stated, “We loved a lot. We fought a lot. Every time I look into one of you kids’ faces, I see her face looking back at me — smiling, laughing. She was strong, and you’re strong. And she was brave, and you’re brave. I know you didn’t think much of her, but she loved you. And you wouldn’t be who you are and I wouldn’t be who I am if she hadn’t come into our lives. So hate her if you want, but she’s in you. And that’s a good thing.”


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Fiona was the most responsible one, the one that took time out of her life to, paused her entire being, to care for her younger siblings as they grew and matured into the humans they are today.

Once Frank took over care for Liam, Fiona washed her hands of her siblings. She decided that she would take her life back and figure out how to make the most of her time.

She decided to revamp Patsy’s Pies, she bought a laundry mat and started remodeling on that, and at the end of the season she bought an apartment building to fix up. Fiona has decided to become a landlord, laundry mat owner, and restaurant manager. Did Fiona bite off more than she can chew?


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Lip was in his own world, a selfish moment if you want to say. Lip was all for himself. He wanted nothing to do with Fiona’s financial decisions. He even went as far as keeping his girlfriend, Sierra, at an arms length.

He really got himself in trouble when he beat Sierra’s ex up to prove his point– He was drunk.

Lip figured it was time for a turn around and decided to go to AA as he was suffering from alcoholism. He was doing really well at AA– He was determined to be a “functional drinker” at the end of the day.

It was after his board meeting that at Lip’s university that Professor Youens got him the appeal for his expulsion from school. When Lip found out it was denied, he went on another bender.

At the end of the season, you see Lip taking AA seriously, trying to turn his life around.


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Ian started the season dating Caleb but dumped him early on due to the fact that he was sleeping with a woman. While their relationship was done, he began another relationship with Trevor.

Trevor was a rebound– A warm body just to pass the time. Later in the season, we see the beloved Mickey again. Mickey escaped from prison and is on the run to Mexico.

Ian decides that he wanted to go with Mickey until they get to the border. Ian backs out claiming that, that isn’t him anymore. He hitches a ride home as if nothing has ever happened.

Will Trevor and Ian be ok?


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Carl learned some hard lessons when it came to love and life. Seeing as he was  not circumsised at the start of his life, Carl made the decision to get circumsised for his girlfriend.

Carl found out the hard way that his girlfriend, Dominque, had been cheating on him all along. That did not stop Carl from befriending Dom’s dad. He was the straight-laced, hard man that encouraged Carl to go to military school.

Which is where Carl ended up. Will Carl go back to military school, staying on the straight and narrow or will he fall back to his old ways?


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Debbie, while trying to learn the ropes of being a mom, found a way to make money. Illegally, but she found a way to support Franny and herself. How did she make the money?

Stealing extremely expensive baby gear from the local park. She stole $4,000 prams, baby toys, and other things that hip moms want. She sold the items online for a seriously discounted price. Claiming that she got two at her shower.

Her plan was great until she bit off more than she could chew. She quit her “side business” and had to start begging. This caused her to get in a fight with another beggar on the street.

Franny’s dad, Derek’s sister had witnessed the fight, videoed it and made sure to call child and youth. Debs was upset by this and literally fell into Neal’s lap.

Neal provided a home and the means for Debbie to get her and Franny out of their situation with child and youth. Will Deb stay faithful to Neal or will she branch out and find love in her new found interest– Welding?


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Liam has gotten himself into a fine private school. When is public school got shut down, Frank somehow, with his smooth talking abilities, got Liam into the prestigious private school to get him the best education around.

Kev, Vee, and Svet

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Svetlana stole the bar out from under Kevin and Veronica. She tricked them into thinking that they were signing adoption paperwork, but in reality, they were signing the bar over to her.

So now that Kevin and Vee are on the outs with Svet, they’ve got to find an alternative method to making money, getting their bar back, and dealing with Svetlana.

The Prediction?

Shameless season 8 is predicted to make an appearance in late July, possibly early August of 2018. While that feels like forever away– know that it is.

Unfortunately, the contracting has to be set in place and there can’t be any holds up on that before placing the dysfunctional, well loved, show on Netflix.

What are you predictions for season 8? Are you caught up on all seven seasons right now?


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