[SPOILER ALERT] Season 5 Orange Is The New Black Trailer? Finally!

Orange is the New Black season 4

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We all know the show, even if we don’t want to admit that we watch it. It is a guilty pleasure show. Orange is the New Black definitely took over our brains when it came out in 2013. This Netflix Original was unscripted, unedited (not literally–figuratively), and full of adult humor. This may be a far depiction of what goes on in prison, but to the outside world we see relationships being made, relationships being broken, fun, laughs, sadness, and reality when it comes to humankind. So what can OITNB possibly bring to us that they haven’t already brought us?

NOTE: [SPOILERS]–If you haven’t seen season four yet, stop reading… You don’t want to miss the action that happened there and season five will surely pick up where season four left off.

Let’s Recap

Alex and Piper’s past come to haunt them when an undercover ‘agent’ that worked for Kubra comes in as a C.O. to keep eyes on them. Once they figure it out, their lives become so much more complicated when they end up having to choose between their lives and the undercover C.O.

The body of Kubra’s associate that Piper and Alex buried to save their own hide, was found, dug up, and that’s when the guards realized that was the missing C.O. The other guards had now come to the realization that they’ve got a murder/murderer on their hands.

Caputo instructed that there would be investigations going on that involved the FBI. That wasn’t good enough for Piscatella. There were investigations about the murder that happened at Litchfield against Caputo’s wishes conducted by Piscatella and his cronies.

During these investigations, the inmates were forced by C.O. Humphrey to fight. He knew exactly what to say to instigate them to begin fighting all on their own. Yet another way of him fighting dirty.

oitnb season 4 finale
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It started with a protest to get better food in the cafeteria instead of the slop they were getting. Poussey was killed by C.O. Bayley while trying to defend Suzanne after having an emotional breakdown after they were forced to clear the cafeteria where they were protesting. She wasn’t shot, she was literally suffocated to death by the officer kneeling on her back trying to subdue her. Talk about a shocking moment where we all cried.

Between the forced fighting and Poussey’s death, the inmates plotted together to be a team to become something so much more to take down the dirty C.O.’s. This takes us to the season finale.

In the season finale we see the inmates taking revenge. The end scene, we see Daya holding the gun against C.O. Humphrey. That is where producer Matthew Weiner leaves us hanging. It’s rather awful if you ask me. I’ve been waiting a whole year to see what happens. Maybe one day I will learn to curb my Netflix binging.

What’s Next?

In the official trailer for season 5, we see Daya holding the gun to C.O. Humphrey, while he is on his knees surrounded by inmates. All the inmates want are justice and the ability to feel human. Is that so much to ask?

What are the plots that these ladies come up with? Will they succeed in what they want?

I know I can’t wait to find out what happens with this gang of angry women against the people that made their lives terrible. There are going to be tons of surprising moments, sad moments, angry moments, and happy moments. June 9 can’t come soon enough, can it? Stick with Netflix Update for all the juicy tidbits for all your favorite shows!

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