Sons Prequel? ¬†After 7 seasons of SAMCRO and Jax Teller, ¬†fans are ready to see more of ¬†this motorcycle club. ¬†Drum roll please……..The¬†Sons of Anarchy spin-off, Mayans MC, that will focus on the Mayans‚ÄĒthe Latino motorcycle club that were the sometime ally, sometime enemy of Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and SAMCRO.

¬†Director¬†Kurt Sutter and co-director, ¬†Elgin James ¬†will not be giving away any¬†secrets. ¬†Neither have confirmed if the Sons Prequel, Mayans MC will take place in the future which could involve the next generation of ¬†Abel and Thomas Teller, Jax’s sons. ¬†The other possibility could be a settimg in ¬†the past which could involve Jimmy Smits character, Nero who started the Bzrats, another Latino gang who were allies of the Mayans in Season 6. ¬†Followers could also find out how Teller’s Dad, Clay and Piney all met and developed SAMCRO.

Sutter is predicting the series to only last  one season, with 10 to 12 episodes.  Of course that could all change depending on how many fans tune in.

All fans want to know is Charlie Hunnam return for Mayan MC?  If Sutter can iron out the details with FX, then there is a chance Hunnam will make a guest appearance.   Hunnam’s part in the series depends on when it takes place and whether or not he is willing play the part again.

Until this Sons Prequel is released check out all 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. ¬†Viewers will not be disappointed. ¬†The series is filled with drama and suspense. ¬†While the show centers around the life of Jackson Teller and his immediate family. ¬†The second story line centers around Jackson’s other family , “The Club”.