Sneak Peak for June 2017– The Official GLOW Trailer

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There are many shows coming to Netflix for June of 2017. Often times, we’ll find a show and binge watch it until there are no more episodes left on Netflix. We spend the evenings on the couch over dinner watching all our favorite shows. But there is a new show coming to town that almost legally binds us (not really), twists our arm to leave our usual show(s) to start this one…

We are all anxious to see what is coming to Netflix for June of 2017, but one show that catches our eye? Glow. Glow? Yes, Glow. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Catches your attention, no? Personally, I wouldn’t have a clue what to think of a show with such a strange name, but the preview of the show says it all. This Netflix original surely will not disappoint as there are tons of elements to this show.

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The Synopsis

The show follows actress Alison Brie, as Ruth. Ruth is an aspiring actress that is having more trouble than not when it comes to auditioning for acting positions that she is interested in… Until she gets a call that there is the audition of a life time.

Once Ruth gets to this audition, she quickly realizes it not anything like she has auditioned for ever before. The audition is centered around a boxing ring. Little does she know that there is more to this than just an acting gig.

The Producers

What do the producers have to do with this? I mean, other than producing the show… Jenji Kohan and Tara Herrmann… Sound familiar? Probably. They are the executive producers of this show, but they were also producers of Orange is the New Black.

This brings a whole new meaning to the preview we just watched. The preview was fill with some hilarious moments, there were relatable moments, and there were some rather wicked moments. But one thing we can count on from the producers of OITNB? There will never be a dull moment when it comes to screen time for this show.

When Can We Expect To See This On Netflix

There is quite a bit of ways to wait for this new Netflix Original, but that doesn’t stop us from chatting about it and anxiously waiting for it to arrive, now does it? So, when will we see this cluster comedy? Glow will appear on Netflix on June 23rd.

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We have to wait over a month for this? That doesn’t seem quite fair at all. Waiting for shows to come to Netflix isn’t fair at all, but sometimes, these shows are worth the wait. Like I said before, more than likely you’ll have to break your contract with your other shows to start Glow when it comes out on June 23rd.

What are you thoughts on Glow? Will you watch it? Stay tuned for a full list of titles coming to Netflix in June of 2017– Obviously followed by a list of titles leaving as well, because when you add shows, you must take some away to keep the balance of all human kind. Happy Netflixing!

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