She’s Gotta Have It Will be The New ‘IT’ Netflix Original Series

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Based on the movie from 1986, the hour and twenty four minute film made it’s debut starring Tracy camilla Johns, John Canada Terrell, Tommy Redmond Hicks, and Spike Lee. She’s Gotta Have It has been remade from the movie that it was back in the 1986 to a ten-episode Netflix series.

The show was picked up by Netflix and created to perfection, making it one of the many Netflix Originals to premier on Netflix with all episodes in a season. That is one perk of having Netflix Originals… You don’t have to wait to watch the next episode, they are just there until the season finale. Netflix is pretty good about having the next season on by the next year though. They’ve got a good pattern down.

Producer, Spike Lee, was the original producer for the movie back in 1986 where he also starred as Mars Blackmon. This time around, the show will be produced by 40 Acres & a Mule Filmworks and it will be distributed by Netflix.

In case you’ve never seen either the movie or the show, the summary of the pair of them is this: Nola Darling is happy with her life, but she is totally lonely. Unaware of what she is missing– Then it dawns on her. She is missing a companion.

Instead of setting on one man to make a companion for her, she decided to go with three. Nola Darling is played by DeWanda Wise. Greer Childs, the rich, handsome, narcissist is played by Cleo Anthony. Jamie Overstreet, the overprotective, stable alpha male, is played by Lyriq Bent. Lastly, Mars Blackmon, the timid nerd, is played by Anthony Ramos.

Nola will date each guy, going through trials and tribulations with all three. But that does not deter her from leaving any of them as each of them has their perks. While Nola may be dating the three guys, those three guys are solely dating her and want them all to themselves.

We will see how Nola figures out what she wants throughout the season. Who will she choose? Will she stick it out with three of them or choose the best guy for her?

You can view the ten episode show of She’s Gotta Have It on Netflix when it premiers on Netflix sometime this year. While it’s not on Netflix now for instant viewing, the original movie of She’s Gotta Have It is on Netflix to enjoy if you’d like to watch both to compare them. If you’ve already watched the original, let us know what you think the series will be like. We’d love to hear from you!


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