Is Seven Deadly Sins Anime Season 2 Available?

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Is Seven Deadly Sins Anime Season 2

Available on Netflix?

Seven Deadly Sins Anime Season 2 has been all the chat on social media.  But, before the anime version of Seven Deadly Sins hit Netflix, it was the first manga that has sold a total of 10 million copies.  This could have had some influence on why Netflix choose it for a Netflix Original Series.

In the 24 episode season 1, we were introduced to the characters such as Princess Elizabeth, the Sacred Knights and Hendrickson.  After a series of unfortunate events, the royal family was imprisoned and only Princess Elizabeth managed to escape. This is where her journey begins in finding the Seven Deadly Sins and save the rest of her family.  Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 is said to continue with Princess Elizabeth searching for the Sacred Knights.   The seven Sacred Knights are also known as the “Seven Deadly Sins” that Princess Elizabeth must find in order to regain the Liones Kingdom

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 release date has already been confirmed in the past to be for 2016.   Fans will need to wait till the English dub version come to Netflix in 2017.

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