What Did I Just Read? A New Series About Dick

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Your first question may be, “Who is Dick?”– The answer to this? Dick isn’t the name of a person, rather the name of a body part. Now your second question is, “Netflix is making a series about the male sex organ?” Well… Not quite. While the most searched term list under Netflix is porn on Netlfix, it isn’t exactly what you would think when it comes to dirty movies on Netflix.

While there are dirty movies on Netflix, this isn’t necessarily a dirty movie. It’s more of a satire. So many questions you must have… A satire about what? We all know the documentary Making a Murderer. The documentary where Steven Avery is convicted of rape after an important member of society was raped, she accused Steven Avery of the deed.

Steven Avery spent 18 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit. After 18 years he was proven innocent after evidence came to light that he was not the one to commit the crime.

While he did not commit the first crime, he was put back in prison for the murder of a young woman after her car was found on his property. It’s another round of trials and tribulations when it comes to this crime. Did Steven Avery commit the crime? We won’t know until the rest of the documentary comes out.

But in the mean time, another documentary is coming out that has a similar theme to Making a Murderer in the sense that there will be a mystery as to who is vandalizing the school, the neighborhood, and the town with drawings and graffiti…

This isn’t your average graffiti drawings though. One will never know why it takes such an interest in the mins of young boys, but it does. Drawing penises seems to be the things that every teenage, immature boy does when it comes to free time. You’ll often see them decorated in textbooks or in the bathroom stall. But now it’s getting a whole different type of recognition.

WARNING: The video does have graphic images. While the images are not anatomically correct, they are still visuals of the male sex organ. If you do not wish to see this, please do not watch the video preview. 

This series will be a documentary of sorts that plays up the mystery of who is vandalizing the area. Much like Making a Murder and how they played up the crime to showcase the timeline of events.

The documentary will be called American Vandal and it will be airing on Netflix on September 15. The documentary isn’t for those that are close-minded or conservative. This also is not a show for those that are still watching cartoons on Saturday morning.

What do you think about this documentary series coming out? Personally, it seems a little silly to me that there is even entertainment of this, but I guess Netflix is really reaching for content. It’s smart on their part as this is a big topic with teachers, parents, teenage boys, but it’s still a bit off the wall when it comes to content. Will you be watching American Vandal?

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