Sense8 Season 2 Coming on Netflix

Sense8 Season 2

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Sense8, the original science fiction television series from Netflix and Wachowskis, is getting renewed for season 2. Finally, the wait is over and the announcement was made over Twitter with a video from the show’s cast.

It’s pretty amazing that Netflix has confirmed a second season for the ambitious sci-fi series and why shouldn’t they? The show is pretty amazing and has a great fanbase already with just the first 12 episodes of season one.

If you don’t know what Sense8 is about, it’s the story of eight people who develop power to interact with each other over longer distances while they are being chased by a dim organization.

The Wachowskis directed much of season one, and co-wrote each instalment with Straczynski. All three also executive produced. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we’d expect a similar set-up for season two. The 12-episode structure could well return, too.

Netflix has been supporting several stories that are off-the-wall, despite the likes of Hannibal, Utopia or Constantine all been whipped out by television production houses by 2014, or even before.

There were also concerns regarding Sense8 to disappear. But no, the original series was announced pretty much early for a second season; it only took two months while the rest would generally take much longer.

If you don’t know what Sense8 is about, it’s the story of eight people, who’ve special powers to interact with each other over longer distances and are followed by some shady organization.

You might want to check if Sense8 season one is on Netflix or not before you start to binge-watch season 2 with its premiere date yet to be announced.

Here’s the official preview for Sense8 if you’d want to know more of it:

What do you think of Sense8? Did you enjoy the first season? Let us know in the comments!

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