Secret Netflix Codes Will Unlock Hidden Genres

Netflix secret codes

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If you’ve subscribed to Netflix, you probably know that there are thousands of contents you can stream. But did you know that there are tens of thousands of Netflix codes, that’ll give you access to movies you’ve never thought existed before on the streaming service? Probably no.

Netflix engineers implemented secret codes to add more content categories that people can access other than what is made available by default. Using tricks with secret Netflix codes will enable you to access hidden categories on Netflix and this seems perfect if you are using multiple profiles to watch Netflix.

Not just that, with the expansion of Netflix over 130 new countries in 2016 including India, Netflix users can flick through different genres that they never knew existed on Netflix before. By default, a user is required to search for the exact title or move through the list of limited genres pre-defined in the streaming service.

For example, Netflix precisely has a section defined as “visually-striking films for ages 5 to 7”. But, it’s generally not displayed to users as the streaming service chooses shows to watch for users based on what they’ve streamed before.

Secret genres on Netflix can be accessed using secret codes where each page have their own unique ID and with these ID numbers one can easily access tons of hidden contents on Netflix, some that also include adult contents.

For “Documentaries” one can use the link, where the number at the end is the unique ID. Similarly, with 2273, one can find “Controversial Foreign Movies”, 3352 for “Critically-Acclaimed Gritty Independent Crime Dramas”, and more.

There’s no need to be surprised if a random code does not work for you because movies and TV shows on Netflix come and go. What you can do is hunt down the best genres that you love and use the trick to discover some of the best shows that you’ve been waiting to watch on Netflix.

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