Is Between Season Two Available?

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Between Feels Like A Different Version of Under The Dome

Between season 2 is now available on Netflix.  Between the teenage sci -fi drama originally debuted on Canadian Network Television.  Netflix is the co producer of the show and distributes it as a Netflix Original outside of Canada.   The series airs weekly in Canada  on Network TV, and each episode premieres on Netflix at the same time in all other countries and regions where Netflix is available.

Unfortunately, Between is not available on Netflix Canada because City owns the Canadian rights to the series.


Main Cast



Jennette McCurdy, best know as Sam from ICarly the Nickelodeon sitcom.


The Story Begins



Between is the story of small town,  Pretty Lake,  that under attack from a mysterious disease that has wiped out everyone aged 22 and older. As anyone can imagine, this epidemic results in a government quarantine of the town within a 10 mile radius leaving the town to fend for themselves. Much like Under The Dome…Hmm!   As Wiley (McCurdy) the pregnant teen adds tension to the season lasting only 6 episodes, viewers are left wanting more.

Under the Dome is not available on Netflix.  Order here now and compare the two.

What will happen in Pretty Lake in season 2?  Will Wiley will have to make a decision about her son, is there a commune, will there be a plan of escape?  Season 2 is now available for streaming on Netflix fans should stream this season to find out all the answers.  If this is truly a copy of Under the Dome the series should take a weird Sci-Fi turn and continue to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

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