Season Three is Being Written– What Does This Mean for Sense8?

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We all remember when Sense8 was canceled. It left everyone, especially fans, in an uproar due to the sheer fact that they show embodied it’s fans. The show was mainly about lifestyle, sexuality, and gender identity issues. While that wasn’t all the show was about, there was a story line, it was the main focus of the show.

Fans were enraged when they got the news that the show was being canceled after season one was put out on Netflix. While season one and two were complete, there wasn’t any ending to the series and fans wanted to know what happened to each character.

The fans started a petition to revive the show, but Netflix responded with a sentimental response. While sentimental, the response was also truthful and honest. Netflix did not have the means to uphold the genuine and quality level of the show due to the fact that they had too many Netflix Originals become hits at one time.

While Netflix bit off more than they could chew, they were well aware of their fan base because they heard every one of their fans cries. Sense8 was predicted to be a big show but The Keepers and 13 Reasons Why really captured hearts. Their fan base was strong, while Sense8’s fan base was there, it wasn’t as prominent.

It later came out that Sense8 would get a two hour finale that put to rest what happens to each character. While it wasn’t an entire season that fans could watch and love, it was better than nothing. The two hour finale would give some closure to this whole thing. But even with this, fans were not satisfied when it came to an ending.

Sense8 fans are not giving up and they are pursuing more from writers, creator, and producers. They are even hoping that other streaming outlets pick it up if Netflix doesn’t. But Lana Wachowski, like fans, isn’t ready to give up quite yet either. She feels that if season three is written, someone will have to pick up Sense8.

That being said, some one being Netflix? Maybe. Maybe not. There is no news as to who will pick up the series or if it will be picked up at all. But Lana Wachowski has all the faith in the content and fans that she believes that the show will be picked up.

While we don’t have a knowledge of what this means for the show, we do know that when a creator writes an entire season just from the immense love that comes from the show we know that there is something special about the show. While there is no promise of season three anywhere, know that it is being written.

Try to calm yourselves… While it is being thought of, this doesn’t mean that it is something that will take effect right away, if at all. But that means it is a possibility. Keep your head up, keep your eyes open, and check back for more update is the future!

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