Season 7 Spoiler Alert

Who did Negan kill?



Finally the long awaited Season 7 of The Walking Dead is has aired on AMC.   Fans have binge watched all 6 seasons and are looking forward to finding out who Negan took out with Lucille(a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire).   The new bad guy in town,  Negan at the end of season 6  had the group on their knees.  It’s been obvious from the beginning that the group would face a season like Season 7.   They will have a lot of tough decisions and will be faced with things they never thought possible.


Season 7 Who will it be?


After many months of predicting we finally know the identity of the victim which was reveled more than 20 minutes into the first episode of Season 7.  So now that we have built up to the spoiler,  here it is!

There wasn’t just one victim, there were two!  While the group watched , Negan beat Abraham over the head.  Rest in Peace Abraham.  Afterwards, Daryl tries to take a swing at Negan.  This causes Neegan to turn his attention to Glenn and he beats Glenn with Lucille as well.

The internet is saying that it was the most brutally terrifying thing seen on television.  It’s also been the saddest scene in the history of TWD with Glenn’s last words being “Maggie, I’ll find you”.

Fans have yet to see the reasons behind it all, but you should have a box of tissues with you during this episode.  Remember everything happens for a reason.

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