Season 6 Walking Dead is FINALLY Coming to Netflix!

The Walking Dead Season 6 Netflix

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Netflix

 Season 6 Walking Dead Hits Netflix!!



Finally the long awaited Season 6 Walking Dead is coming.  Fans of this AMC series  have binge watched all 5 seasons and are looking forward to finding out if the new “community” will become home for Rick and his group.   It’s been obvious from the beginning that the group would face a season like Season 6.   They will have a lot of tough decisions and will be faced with things they never thought possible.  There is a new bad guy in town,  Neegan and in the trailer from the last episodes of Season Six it looks like he has brought the group to their knees.

I hope that fans are as ready as I am for an even grittier, gut wrenching season.  Reviewing the trailer was difficult, without seeing season 6 yet, this writer is waiting in anticipation and with a little hesitation to see the next chapter of the lives of this group that have formed a close bond with each other as well as its fans.

So be prepared for another season of Zombie Apocalypse action as well as seeing  Sheriff Rick Grimes,  Cross Bow wielding Darrel and the rest of the group fighting for their lives on Netflix September 15th.

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