You know the gender pay gap is real when even the Queen of England gets paid less than her prince consort. Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown

Busted: Netflix Paid Claire Foy Less Than Male Costar for ‘The Crown’

Producers from The Crown revealed Tuesday that actor Claire Foy was paid less for her lead role as Queen Elizabeth II than her costar, Mark Smith.

More From The Cast of How I Met Your Mother..

The cast of How I Met Your Mother involves a group of friends that are determined to find the main character Ted, the love of his life....

Tell Us How You Really Feel, Christopher Nolan!

We all know the masterpieces known as Inception, Man of Steel, The Dark Night, and the newest one to add to the books, Dunkirk. What doe these...

Here is Why Charlie Heaton Wasn’t at the Season Two Premier of Stranger Things

Actor Charlie Heaton plays Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things. He is the awkward older brother that has no friends in the beginning of the series. The...

Is Peppa Pig on Netflix or Not? What Happened?

What Happened to Peppa Pig? We've heard that one minute the popular pig is on Netflix , the next she was gone!  Subscribers were left wondering did she...
BBC wants women to stop watching Netflix so they can get equal pay.

BBC to Women: Stop Watching Netflix So We Can Give You A Raise (Video)

The BBC is having a bad week and decided to hit back. With all the usual self-deprecating British humor, of course. BBC Two tweeted a video in response to pay gap accus
Rachel Dolezal speaking at a Spokane, WA rally.

Rachel Dolezal’s Son in New Netflix Doc: ‘I Resent Some of Her Choices’

Three years after her rise to infamy, it seems Rachel Dolezal isn’t quite out of the spotlight yet. Netflix recently announced a documentary about her life called “The Rachel Divide.”

New Netflix Original, Don’t Miss This One!

"Barry"- A New Netflix Original Americans have decided on the future of this great country.  But as one man enters the White House another is leaving.  Find out...
homeland on netflix

Is Homeland on Netflix, When and How to Get it!

Is Homeland on Netflix?  We have heard from subscribers for months now about how they want Homeland coming to Netflix.   Homeland is a Showtime network series,...

The Truth about Hulu and Netflix

We all know about the rivalry between Hulu and Netflix. Hulu is the younger of the two streaming fortresses. Hulu was launched in 2008. When they first...

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