Rachel Dolezal’s Son in New Netflix Doc: ‘I Resent Some of Her Choices’

Three years after her rise to infamy, it seems Rachel Dolezal isn’t quite out of the spotlight yet. Netflix recently announced a documentary about her life called “The Rachel Divide.”

BBC to Women: Stop Watching Netflix So We Can Give You A Raise (Video)

The BBC is having a bad week and decided to hit back. With all the usual self-deprecating British humor, of course. BBC Two tweeted a video in response to pay gap accus

How Will ‘Net Neutrality’ Affect My Netflix Streaming and What Can I Do About It?

If you are a Netflix binge-watcher, you may be curious as to how net neutrality will change your Netflix. Here is what you really need to know. Net neutrality, in a nutshell, is the principle of a free and open internet. What that means is that an internet service provider (ISP) cannot block, slow down, […]

Here is Why Charlie Heaton Wasn’t at the Season Two Premier of Stranger Things

[Spoiler Alert for Stranger Things] Actor Charlie Heaton plays Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things. He is the awkward older brother that has no friends in the beginning of the series. The hardworking boy that does nothing but work and breath. Remember him? He became the hero when he came to Nancy Wheeler’s rescue. He was […]

Netflix May Have Just Sent the Nicest Cease and Desist Letter Ever

We are all aware of the epidemic that Stranger Things. Stranger Things captured out hearts with the 1980’s feel of the show. The gore and the horror that came with the darkness of the show was something that captured out attention right away. When the show started off, it hit with a bang. The small […]

What’s Killing Netflix and Causing $20.5 Billion Worth of Debt?

Despite having over 100 million subscribers, tons of shows and movies, and creativity, Netflix seems to be drowning. While they are literally drowning in the sense that they are taking on water, they are drowning in $20.5 billion worth of debt. How does one company acquire that much debt? I guess it isn’t hard, but […]

Tell Us How You Really Feel, Christopher Nolan!

We all know the masterpieces known as Inception, Man of Steel, The Dark Night, and the newest one to add to the books, Dunkirk. What doe these movies have in common? The producer. Christoper Nolan wrote and produced these and many other films. You can say that he is affluent in the film and cinematography […]

Say Goodbye to Orange is the New Black

We just got word that there may not be a season 8 of Orange Is The New Black and it’s terrifying knowing that we may no have the series to binge watch in a weekend to find out what happens next. This is the show that everyone waited months to watch and then watched it […]