Sad Movies On Netflix- The Top Picks!

sad movies on netflix

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Sad movies on Netflix isn’t even a category unlike romance, comedies, even inspirational has a category.  However, we took sometime looking through the library to discover some hidden gems that are sure to have the water works flowing.

Sad movies on Netflix have a common theme which is the story line that sparks emotion whether you have experienced what the characters are going through, you can put yourself in their shoes or just a well written story.  These sad movies on Netflix are available right now.

Top Sad Movies on Netflix

Fruitvale Station- (2013) R

sad movies on netflix

WINNER Of SAD MOVIES ON NETFLIX!!  Emotional and gritty this story is inspired by the true life account of Oscar Grant’s final hours.  Oscar Grant was shot by public transit police on New Years Day in 2009


A Girl Like Her- (2015) PG-13

Sad movies on netflix

Bullying is a tragedy and this story is no different.  Tormented by classmates and left with no choice but to try to commit suicide.  But there may be a way to fight back.

Hope-  (2013) NR

sad movies on netflix


GET THE TISSUE BOX!  A stranger beats and rapes their little girl,  now this family has a long road to recovery the only way to get there is hope.


Romeo and Juliet- (2013) PG-13

sad movies on netflix

An adaptation of the Shakespearean play updated with today’s actors (Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth) playing the leading roles.

Big Eyes-  (2014) PG-13

sad movies on netflix

After her money and name are stolen by a man she loves this artist will get it all back.


On Golden Pond- (1981) PG

sad movies on netfix

This classic is a must see!  Another person’s child teaches a retired couple the joys of growing old.

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