Sad movies on Netflix isn’t even a category unlike romance, comedies, even inspirational has a category. ¬†However, we took sometime looking through the library to discover some hidden gems that are sure to have the water works flowing.

Sad movies on Netflix have a common theme which is the story line that sparks emotion whether you have experienced what the characters are going through, you can put yourself in their shoes or just a well written story.  These sad movies on Netflix are available right now.

Top Sad Movies on Netflix

Fruitvale Station- (2013) R

sad movies on netflix

WINNER Of SAD MOVIES ON NETFLIX!! ¬†Emotional and gritty this story is inspired by the true life account of Oscar Grant’s final hours. ¬†Oscar Grant was shot by public transit police on New Years Day in 2009


A Girl Like Her- (2015) PG-13

Sad movies on netflix

Bullying is a tragedy and this story is no different.  Tormented by classmates and left with no choice but to try to commit suicide.  But there may be a way to fight back.

Hope-  (2013) NR

sad movies on netflix


GET THE TISSUE BOX!  A stranger beats and rapes their little girl,  now this family has a long road to recovery the only way to get there is hope.


Romeo and Juliet- (2013) PG-13

sad movies on netflix

An adaptation of the Shakespearean play updated with today’s actors (Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth) playing the leading roles.

Big Eyes-  (2014) PG-13

sad movies on netflix

After her money and name are stolen by a man she loves this artist will get it all back.


On Golden Pond- (1981) PG

sad movies on netfix

This classic is a must see! ¬†Another person’s child teaches a retired couple the joys of growing old.