Romantic Movies on Netflix, Exactly What You Need!

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Romantic Movies on Netflix


Romantic movies are the perfect way to spend a crisp autumn night with your favorite snuggler.  These movies are only suggestions we tried to add some comedy, drama and clean young adult movies in this article.

Classic Romance

The Princess Bride-  This list would not be complete without this classic romantic film.  A classic tale of the princess that is betrothed to another and her true love must find her just in time.


Romantic Comedy

Ghost Town- A businessman named Frank is killed while trying to buy a house for his mistress.  Bertram was on the verge of death but is suddenly brought back.  Now that he is back he has discovered that he can see ghosts.


Classic Romance

Titanic- This classic had to be on the list.  Now available on Netflix, Jack and Rose will romance their way into your heart again and again.


Classic Romance

Top Gun-  A manly romance with motorcycles, planes and the air force.  Another classic from the 80’s that had to be on the list.


Romantic Comedy

After the Ball- Feel good and goofy this romantic comedy is a clean young adult movie.  After being pushed out of her families business from her step mother, this fashion design student comes up with a plan that involves her co-worker.



Modern Romance

The Best of Me- Another Nicholas Sparks novel turned movie!  True love sometimes comes the second time around.  In this case it is true.  After a marriage to an alcoholic, Amanda is focused on taking care of her son.  Until Dawson arrives back in town.



Romantic Comedy

The Love Letter- What do you do when your best friend is getting married to a woman he doesn’t love?  If you are a newspaper columnist you ask your readers for advice.




Romantic Comedy

My Fake Fiancé- Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart are together in this romantic comedy.  The two meet at a upscale wedding and decide to fake an engagement to cash in on the gifts.



As we were putting this list together  we realized that there are a lot of really good romantic movies available on Netflix.  Subscribers have a wealth of titles to choose from.  We hope these suggestions lead to the perfect night for all.



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