The average price of cable in today’s society is around $65 on average.¬†This usually doesn’t include the fun networks such as HBO, SHOWtime, or STARZ. You’ll more than likely pay more for those, likely¬†up to $127 for a full cable bill¬†with channels you do and don’t want. This nifty device gives you the ability to utilize channels, as they call them, to watch tv, movies, and much more. But what’s the catch?

Free Channels

There are tons of free channels that are incorporated in the Roku device. You can stream things on YouTube, listen to music on Pandora, and watch shows on Crackle.¬†Just because these channels are free doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy of your time. Believe you me, the one time fee that you’ll pay for Roku Premiere¬†Plus will be worth it when you find all the fun free channels that Roku offers.

You can watch TV and movies for free on Crackle, TubiTV, Pluto, and there are tons of free media channels. Check them out, you never know what you’ll find on there. You may not even have to have any of the “add on’s”.

1. Paid Channels

Paid channels are just that, channels that you must pay for to utilize. Sometime they run deals if you purchase Roku they will give you a trial period to try all the fun channels. But you don’t have to pay for a channel that you don’t want. Paid channels include big names like HBO, Showtime, or¬†Disney XD. These channels pretty much¬†pick you, you don’t have to worry about paying for what you don’t want.

2. It Pays To Have Friends

Already have Netflix? Hulu? Already an Amazon Prime member? No worries! You can sign into your accounts using the channels on Roku. All you have to do is add those channels that you want to sign into, follow the instructions, and you’re set to go to enjoy your pre-existing memberships.

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3. On-the-go Services

On top of being a totally awesome device that will not only cut your cable bill down, you can also stream on the go. Literally, anywhere you go on any mobile device or devices. Not only is this great, because, if you go on vacation, all you have to do is sign in to your Roku account to access your line up. If you’re any sort of streamer, you’ll surely give Roku a great review.

4. Pick and Choose

You can see a list of Roku channels here. This list is mixed together with with free and paid channels, but the nice thing about this? You can pick and choose what channels you want. Unlike, cable bills you aren’t able to pick just the channels that you want to make a completely personalized package for yourself. Roku streaming allows you to completely personalize your line up.


No catch. Just you, the remote (there is a dongle included for hookup), and Roku to connect you with all your favorite shows. Roku seems likes a no brainer, right? Compare this to Apple TV, while there is a $25 fee per year for iCloud storage you can get it all in one place. Roku has over 450,000 plus of movies and tv shows and Amazon cloud player app to battle iCloud and Apple Tv, with no fee other than your paid channels. The one time fee of $99 $79 to purchase Roku is menial compared to the cable bill that you pay every month.

Warning/tip: Slingbox may not work with Roku. If you wish to watch cnet while eating sushi in the kitchen while your spouse wants to playon the computer, play¬†games, or watch Plex TV, you¬†can utilize the “mobile” option!

Box up your cable box and say goodbye to your Xfinity bill and say hello to the best new replacement in town. If you aren’t interested in the Roku Premiere¬†Plus, you can also utilize the Roku 3500r or 3500 Stick (Still the same thing, just may not be as HD as the Premiere¬†Plus). You just need an HDMI plug-in and you can utilize your Roku from Canada to Las Vegas or the UK. This xs device can do a ton of stuff and give your long term¬†benefits.

Are you a happy customer? What reviews would you give Roku? What version do you have? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!