Is The Ridiculous 6 still available On Netflix?

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Fans Think It Is True Adam Sandler Style

What will you think?


The Ridiculous 6  was released on Netflix in December 2015 and stars  Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Jorge Garcia, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, and Luke Wilson.

The plot, in short, is about White Knife (Sandler), an orphan raised by Native Americans, discovers that five outlaws are actually his half-brothers(Crews,Garcia,Lautner,Schneider and Wilson). Together, they set out to save their wayward father.  Of course,  in true Sandler  style there are many slapstick laughs along the way.  The movie is not meant to be a drama  and only  humorous.  However, some are taking the comedy much more serious then it was intended to be.  Watch the trailer to judge for yourself.


Ridiculous 6 is currently holding a rare 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes,  with an average rating of 2.4/10.

The site’s critical consensus reads, “Every bit as lazily offensive as its cast and concept would suggest,The Ridiculous Six is standard couch fare for Adam Sandler fanatics and must-avoid viewing for film enthusiasts of every other persuasion.”


Despite it’s poor ratings,  in January 2016, Netflix announced that the film had been viewed more times in one month than any other movie in Netflix history. It also made it to the #1 spot in every territory in which Netflix operates.

So who should viewers believe?  Netflix is a business with  The Ridiculous 6 being  a Netflix Original Movie of course they will say it was fantastic. But, Adam Sandler has never disappointed in the past with big hits like Pixels, Happy Gilmore, and Billy Madison. Fans should make an informed decision to watch it and form their own opinion..  Leave a comment below about the movie.

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