Here is Why Marvel’s Punisher is the Best Show on Netflix Right Now

Here is Why Marvel's Punisher is the Best Show on Netflix Right Now

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The series starts with love, a complete turn from where the season ends. Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), an Italian bred, New York born man finds and falls in love with his wife Maria(Kelli Barrett).

Frank was studying to be a Catholic Priest but just couldn’t forgive the evil in the world that he needed to, to become the leader of church that he wanted to be– So he changed his action plan and decided to change his path and become a service member.

He chose the United States Marine Corp. Fighting in Vietnam, he became a decorated marine with training from U.S. Army Airborne School, and U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Team training, becoming qualified as a Navy Seal (Sea, Air and Land).

You could say that Frank Castle knew a think or two about combat. Little did he know that his career in the military would give him the strength to be the enforcer– The Punisher when he needed to exact revenge on those that took his family’s lives.

The Punisher was born when his family was taken from this earth and from him for witnessing a mafia hit from the ever powerful Costa family. The Costa family hung one of their informants right in front of Frank and his family in New York’s central park.

Wanted to take out any witnesses, the Costa family was gunning for the Castle family. When they found his family, they murdered his wife and children, but somehow Frank survived.

Wanting help in this matter, Frank went to the police to let them know what happened. But their involvement in the situation was rooted too deeply to the Costa family. They were unable to help.

Since they would not help Frank, Frank Decided to take matters into his own hands. This is where the Punisher was born. His body armor was adorned with a death skull and that is what he was out for– revenge.

Frank had been rated one of the most dangerous criminals out there due to his his deathly, indestructible nature. He was always the enforcer to those that suffered, he never suffered from injuries himself. Just the injury that his heart and soul suffered from losing his family.

The show is packed with a slew of emotion and feelings– From love, happiness, loss, and anger the show will take you on an adventure packed, bloody ride.

The only bad thing about this show is the storyline– Too much story packed into too little time. Critics say that this makes for a messy story line, sometimes hard to follow.

But if you like action packed revenge check out this title. You won’t be sorry. If you’ve already watch the series that premiered on November 17th, let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you!

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