Is Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Netflix?

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Netflix

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Who’s ‘A’? If you’ve been wanting to know who A is, you must be going through the American teen drama mystery-thriller television series Pretty Little Liars. Based on the book series with the same title by Sara Shepard, Pretty Little Liars aired first on June 8, 2010 on ABC Family. The success of the series was beyond expectations and the show is still on…. with the fifth season coming to an end in mid 2015.

The fifth season aired on June 14, 2014 and had over 2.72 million viewers while the final episode that concluded on March 24, 2015 had over 2.65 million viewers in US. A total of 25 episodes aired for the Season 5 and here’s the list of the episodes in case you’d want to know-

Episode 1: EscApe from New York
Episode 2: Whirly Girly
Episode 3: Surfing the Aftershocks
Episode 4: Thrown from the Ride
Episode 5: Miss Me x100
Episode 6: Run, Ali, Run
Episode 7: The Silence of E. Lamb
Episode 8: Scream for Me
Episode 9: March of Crimes
Episode 10: A Dark Ali
Episode 11: No One Here Can Love or Understand Me
Episode 12: Taking This One to the Grave
Episode 13: How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas
Episode 14: Through a Glass, Darkly
Episode 15: Fresh Meat
Episode 16: Over a Barrel
Episode 17: The Bin of Sin
Episode 18: Oh What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me
Episode 19: Out Damned Spot
Episode 20: Pretty Isn’t the Point
Episode 21: Bloody Hell
Episode 22: To Plea or Not to Plea
Episode 23: The Melody Lingers On
Episode 24: I’m a Good Girl, I Am
Episode 25: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Pretty Little Liars has already been renewed for the sixth and seventh season, and Lucy Hale has already confirmed that the seventh season is going to be the final season of the series. But the executive producer I. Marlene King stated that there is a slight possibility of a eight season as well.

You must have been watching several television shows on Netflix and are excited to know if you could watch Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Netflix, right?

Without further ado, let’s get the details rolled in…

Is Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Netflix US?

Sad news here. There are only 4 seasons of PLL currently streaming on Netflix US.

Is Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Netflix Canada?

Similar news for Netflix Canada subscribers. There are only 4 seasons of Pretty Little Liars currently available to stream.

Is Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Netflix UK?

Yes. Netflix UK subscribers can watch the first five season of the series without a hassle.

Is Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Netflix Australia?

Frustrating news for Netflix Australia subscribers because not a single season of Pretty Little Liars is streaming across the Australian network.

The show came out as a new release in US in June 2015, but was whipped off of Netflix soon. It was the same case for the Australian region; there’s no single trace of any season of Pretty Little Liars there.

So, all you can do now is wait if you’re not in UK. But, if you know how to tweak your ip to that region, there’s a great possibility that you can stream Pretty Little Liars Season 5 and binge-watch.

Here’s the promo for the season 5:

We keep our fingers crossed for the season 5 of the series to air on all non-UK Netflix regions soon. We hope you do too.

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