Are Petitions Really Worth The Hassle?

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Many have heard that Sense8 has been canceled. The many that have heard this are feeling a boatload of emotions. They are feeling sad, angry, anxious, and extremely confused. To “fix” this problem, fans have decided to start a petition. We’ve got word that petitions don’t work for ventures like these.

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In this case, money speaks louder than petitions. Often times fans start a petition to bring back their favorite show that was cancelled or maybe they want to bring back their favorite character of their favorite show. Whatever the case may be, it’s said that money does all the talking.

Why They Do What They Do

Producers and writers are very clear with what they want to do with their shows, but that isn’t saying that they don’t make mistakes. Sometimes they do make mistakes and realize when it is too late. They’re are very careful in their thoughts when it comes to playing out a shows destiny. There is nothing better than a writer writing for a well known, well liked character in a show.

Their decisions aren’t made lightly. If a producer decides to pull the plug on a show, there is usually a reason as to why. For example, it’s said that Netflix pulled the plug on Sense8 because they’ve got too many hits. This may not sound like a valid reason to pull the plug on a show, but in reality, the producers were being honest with themselves and viewers saying they don’t have the time to put into this masterpiece, they don’t want to only put half their efforts into the show that deserves their whole heart.

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Take Notice

If you search the web for, “How many signatures do I need to bring a show back?”, you won’t find a thing when it comes to getting an actual number. The reason for this? Petitions are a waste of time when it comes to signing them for things like reviving tv shows that producers have pulled the plug on. It’s sad and unfortunate, but it’s the truth. Petitions work for changes in the government or things related to the government, but more than likely there is a bigger plan or a reason that a show was canceled or a character was killed off.

As we have seen from the Sense8 petition with almost 500,000 signatures, petitions aren’t always the answer, but in this case, Sense8 is now getting it’s two hour finale to wrap up loose ends.

What You Can Do Instead

Instead of signing a petition, which usually consists of signing your name and maybe your email address along with the reason of why you’re signing, there is a way that you can suggest shows to Netflix.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why suggest titles to Netflix if signing a petition will not work?”, which is a great question. Suggesting titles to Netflix directly will let them know what their fans want to see. They don’t even have to leave their database to find out what their viewers want to see.

Find out how you can suggest titles to Netflix to make a difference when it comes to your favorite shows.

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Suggesting shows doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s in the bag but at least you’ve got your voice out there. Suggesting shows allows you to be heard by the source whereas a petition being signed may have the numbers to speak volumes, but if more people suggest the shows that they want to see, directly to the source, you’re more likely to be heard. What shows do you want to see on Netflix? What shows were you sad to see taken away? Find your voice and get to suggesting!

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