What Happened to Peppa Pig? We’ve heard that one minute the popular pig is¬†on Netflix , the next she was gone! ¬†Subscribers were left wondering did she go wee wee wee all the way home?

Here’s what we found out about Peppa Pig!

Netflix customer service  confirmed that the addition of Peppa Pig was a mistake. The 1st of every month has a lot of content changes on Netflix,  therefore with so many titles being added and removed (and January 2017 was no different),  several titles got mixed in that shouldn’t have been there.   

Are you out of the loop and don’t know who Peppa the Pig is? She is this energetic little girl pig that experiences life and all it’s trials with her family and friends. ¬†The show is¬†fun and explores everyday activities that support children’s¬†social & emotional development. There are so many¬†kids that are disappointed that Peppa Pig isn’t on Netflix. ¬† ¬†Cheer Up, ¬†there’s still the official Peppa Pig Youtube channel. ¬† The channel features full length episodes and compilations to keep even the most dedicated Peppa fans squealing for joy!


Although we’ve ¬†heard great¬†comments about Peppa Pig, there is one mother that says Peppa is a bad influence. ¬†How could it be true that such a cute little pig could be such a bad example for¬†3 year olds in America.

She stamps her feet, bullies her brother, makes fun of her parents, fights with her friends, whines when she loses, and sticks out her tongue

What do you think about Peppa?  Is she an example for our kids or do you agree with the Mum above?