Películas: The Top Spanish Titles That Will Leave You Wanting More

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Netflix may not have movies with Taylor Launtner, Ricardo Darin, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Evans, or Jennifer Lawrence in Spanish– Heck! They don’t even have a Película de Peppa Pig o Mickey Mouse (I know how much you love those movies, you don’t have to hide it.) But they do have tons of movies that you’d never expect to fall in love with that you’ll surely fall for once you watch it.

12. Y Tú Mamá También

Follow Julio and Tenoch as they lure the older and ever enticing Luisa in for an adventurous road trip. It will be the trip of a life time, that’s for sure!

11.  La Mujer de mi hermano

When one takes a vow, morally they keep that vow… Until one falls out of love with their husband and falls in love with another man. Funny thing is… The other man is her brother-in-law.

10. Toro

This exciting, action thriller showcases that of Toro and his brother. Toro’s brother fights to get him put back behind bars before he does any more damage to his life and the world. What will the end result be?

9. Don’t Blame The Kid

Maybe a one night stand wasn’t the most responsible thing to have happen, but hey, stuff happens, right? The consequences are visible and tangible when they realize that the end result was pregnancy. Watch what an un-expecting, expecting couple goes though on their journey through life.

8. Volverte a Ver

When Pablo, a successful fashion designer allows his career to take over his life, unbeknownst that he has missed out on a great love life love, his eye catches the new girl. Follow Pablo as he starts a new journey of love.

7. Cambio de Ruta

Nicté is a tour guide that makes the tours magical for not only herself, but for the people actually on the tours as well. Nicté dreams of starting her own business and all while making her dreams come true, she finds a whole new set of adventures along the way.

6. Siete Años de Matrimonio

Can you imaging being locking in a marriage that houses rumors of failures and doubts by all that have witnessed said marriage? Alberto and Ana have been told that their marriage wouldn’t work out, but do they believe that?

5.Tú y Yo

We all know the name… Spanish pop star David Bisbal (a real life Spanish pop star) goes on tour in a fictional world. We see the theatrical setting as he falls for one girl all the while tons of fans are throwing themselves at him.

4. Retribution

An affluent banker pays the ultimate price when he is kidnapped and taken hostage into his own vehicle. He’s held captive by a professional bomb maker– Will he survive?

3. Mi Mejor Regalo

Daniel, a father, but that is unbeknownst to him learns that he has a daughter. Follow him on his journey as he learns the ways of having a daughter and a new love life.

2. Lion Heart

A hard-working lawyer is enamored when she talks to her actor client over the phone. She has no idea what she is in for when she first meets him, but let’s just say, he doesn’t come up short.

1. Paraíso

With negative body image coming into play there are always tons of doubts when it comes to self image. Follow this couple through their journey of weight loss. Will their marriage survive it?

You know the first most searched term on Netflix? Dirty movies on Netflix, películas pornográfica o películas xxx. But aside from that, the second most searched term for Netflix? Películas– if you’re not familiar with Spanish, that means films. Did you know that there are tons of Spanish-speaking titles that have English subtitles? We’ve come up with a top twelve list for all of our viewers to enjoy. Simply looking for something different to watch? Interested in practicing your Spanish? No matter the reason, these 12 titles will completely enamor you. What are your favorite Spanish movies to watch?

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