Part Four of The Ranch is Coming To Netflix

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Colt Bennett, a semi-pro football player returns home after his bad decision with life led him home. He now lives with his father and his brother on his fathers’ ranch. Hence the name The Ranch. The show follows the three men as they learn to live together and deal with all their issues that come with life, love, and living on the Ranch.

Part One

Part one surprised us all when we found a show that was not only funny, but had serious moments as well. We see Beau, Rooster, and Colt managing to live under one roof. To make things more awkward, you’ve also got Beau’s estranged wife, Maggie, and Colt’s high school sweetheart trying to make it work.

Part Two

Colt and his high school sweet heart are no longer together, but they’re still hanging out even thought they’ve both got significant others in their lives. Colt has his girlfriend, Heather and Abby has her fiancé. Beau and Maggie try to work things out, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. Rooster is just Rooster, happy to go on about his day, until he meets Mary.

Part Three

Abby and Heather are still a thing in Colt’s life, they are one big love triangle. Rooster moves out of the Ranch to get his life together with Mary. Beau and Maggie are now divorced and they are learning to live their lives as just friends and nothing more.

Predictions for Part Four

Who will Colt choose, will he pick Abby or Heather? What about Rooster? How will things work out with Mary? Will they take it further and talk about marriage? What about Beau and Maggie? Will they continue to be friends or will they sneak around the awkward thing that was once love?

What are your predictions for part four? Part four may leave us with surprises or more questions. You never know. Whatever they may be, you’ll have to wait until 2018 to see the fourth part of the series. The show took off because of the mega cast and their perfect crew making for a funny and riotous time.

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