Ozark is coming to Netflix and You Need to Watch

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When thinking of Ozark, the first thing that comes to mind? Tents. With tents come mountains, right? That is what we are talking about here. The Missouri Ozark Mountains. They are exactly what you would expect for mountain in Arkansas. Hot, cold, rainy, and average. The Ozark Mountains are about to get a little less average though.

Ozark the Show

After the Byrde family has some disturbing news hit their family, they must choose to either live with the consequences or live. After Mr. Marty Byrde finds out that his wife was cheating on him, he realizes that they aren’t going to split up as of yet. They’ve got bigger problems arising and will be forced to work as a team.

Not only is Marty’s marriage in turmoil, but his job is as well. His marriage issues will be forced to be put on the back burner with the issues that he is having at work. Work literally grabs him by the throat and threatens him when he gets himself involved in something that he shouldn’t.

The drug cartel is no joke and Marty wasn’t kidding when he got himself involved. He made a deal with the devil. That deal just so happened to be a five year contract where he had to bring 5 million dollars in over the course of those five years. When things go awry Marty has to get himself and his family to safety.

When Will the Show be on Netflix

Among many other shows coming to Netflix in July, Ozark will make it’s big debut on the 21st. July 21st is when Netflix will change what you’re seeing, you’ll have an incredible show to watch. One that will keep you guessing all the while giving you the ins and the outs without giving the storyline away.

What Will Happen?

Will Marty’s family get away from the deadly drama he has encountered in Chicago? Will he and his wife rekindle their love? How will they work together knowing all that they know about each other? Will the drug lords find Marty? All these questions will be answered on July 21st when the first season premiers on Netflix.

Ozark will be coming to Netflix for all your viewing pleasure. The predictions for this show will be anywhere from House of cards or Sons of Anarchy style, but the show will not be predictable at all. What are your predictions for the show? Will you watch? Let us know what you’re most excited for with Ozark. We can’t wait for it to premier!

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