Nurse Jackie Season 8 Will Not Be Happening!

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Showtime’s Nurse Jackie Season 8 will not be happening.  The seventh season will be the final season for the pill slinging,lying, cheating, self destructive Nurse Jackie.  Edie Falco, who plays Nurse Jackie said she “trust that it’s time to walk away”.

The seventh season ends with Jackie deliberately overdosing just after her professional license was reinstated. Jackie stumbles out of the bathroom and collapses on the emergency room floor.

Through the entire series fans have cheered Jackie on, been pissed at her and even felt sorry for her.  The characters have also been through all of those emotions as well, which is exactly what addiction does,  it tears trust apart.  Ohara, (Jackie’s Friend) tells Jackie”I love you, but you make it so F$%#@*! hard.”

Eddie (Jackie’s Finance’) has paid the biggest price facing jail time to save Jackie.  In the last scene with the couple there is just a glimmer in Jackie’s eyes that makes us think that  she finally realizes Eddie truly loves her.  However, she also realizes that he is an addict as well.    His drug is her and he only enables her addiction by giving her pills and covering for her.

Nurse Jackie Season 8 Is Not Happening

The cast and their final thoughts on the series ending.

At the end, he says, “Jackie was an addict first, a nurse second, and – sadly – a mother third, a friend fourth, a wife fifth and a lover sixth.”

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