The New True Crime Documentary that is Taking Everyone by Storm

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If you’ve been binging Ozark, stop. It isn’t often that we find a new show, movie, or documentary on Netflix that totally takes viewers by storm. We know about Orange is the New Black and Star Wars: Rogue One being big titles to come to about. We constantly hear about things to check out or titles we are excited to have join the list.

Now you’ve got one more to add to your list to watch. A true crime documentary that is killing it when it comes to sweeping everyone off of their feet. This isn’t one that you want to miss. The Confession Tapes documentary is one for the books.

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This documentary will follow different major crimes that happened over the years that were improperly documented. The improper documentation caused those on trial to be wrongfully charged, not charged, or false memories of those that are claimed to be a suspect.

Kelly Loudenberg created this documentary to show the flaws that we have in the system. While not every case that is documented is wrongfully documented, it does make it hard for those spectating to see that the authorities justification on certain claims to be false even if they are true.

Julia Shaw used scientific America psychology, false memories psychology, false memory accusations to show the world what a false interrogation looks like. In her book, she tells the public about the holes in the investigation, criminal, and forensic systems.

The documentary shows 1 season with 7 Episodes at 45 minutes each. Each episode does show the take on different crimes that have major holes in them. Think of the documentary Making a Murderer.

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Brenden Dassey never had his story straight, he was a minor that was questioned by authorities when he shouldn’t have been. The whole Steven Avery case was just the start of  what the world had seen when it came to learning about the flaws in the system, but now that Kelly Loudenberg had created The Confession Tapes, we see even more flaws that harbor lots of questions.

Not to give too much away, but the first episode follows two teens that are automatically assumed to have involvement with a triple murder. The triple murder is the mother, father, and sister to the one teen that is a claimed suspect. The first crime scene that we see a two part episode, so episode one and two are based on this crime implication.

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That means there will be 6 other crimes that are investigated. That’s six whole times that the authorities have made a mistake, been incorrect when it came to investigations, or simply only saw what they wanted to see. Have you watched The Confession tapes yet? What do you think about the documentary?

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