New Netflix Original, Don’t Miss This One!

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“Barry”– A New Netflix Original

Americans have decided on the future of this great country.  But as one man enters the White House another is leaving.  Find out more about who we know as Barrack Obama as this Biopic takes us back to his roots.

This movie records Obama’s first encounter with a kind of urban experience he didn’t encounter in Hawaii.   Living in a world where he truly felt he didn’t belong.

We see scenes where Obama’s anger spills out on the basketball court and briefly experimenting with cocaine and marijuana.  Viewers can also see a small amount of his charisma during dinner scene with Charlotte’s parents.

This Biopic doesn’t show alot of why Barrack took the path he did, it rather tells a story of a biracial young American that stumbled through college life just like many others of any race.

If you are looking to learn more about Barrack Obama before his presidency this movie will provide information from his college years.  Michelle isn’t even in this new netflix original movie.  Viewers were overall disappointed with the content of the film, however it is still on the top of the streaming titles list.

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