Christmas With the Kranks Is New to Netflix

jamie lee curtis christmas with the kranks

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Are you looking for the newest Christmas movie release?   Look no further than the movie, “Christmas with the Kranks.” Recently added to Netflix , this movie is a favorite to many.

This movie stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as a husband and wife who once enjoyed the holidays deeply. But when their daughter leaves they decide to skip Christmas and go on a vacation.

The Plot

One blustery Chicago night, Luther, played by Tim Allen, glances at an alluring poster in a travel agency window and pictures himself and Nora, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, basking in the glow of the sun on a Caribbean cruise. What if this Christmas there was no tree, no holiday lights, no fruitcakes, no parties, no decorating… no Christmas?

The Kranks skipping Christmas? Unthinkable. Unbearable.

The duo do the unthinkable.  They decide to take a tropical vacation!

As a result, the couple becomes social pariahs and ultimately learn that skipping Christmas wasn’t as good an idea.

jamie lee curtis christmas with the kranks


This is one of the many Christmas Movies you can watch on Netflix!  If you are a person that loves Christmas Movies the whole month of December we have more streaming options for you : Christmas Movies On Netflix In Time For The Holidays!

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