New Girl Season 5, The Wedding Photos Are Here!

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For many of us, streaming is a time to relax and get our mind off of daily struggles. What better way to do this than watching a comedy? New Girl Season 5 is a hilariously quirky show that follows Jess (Zooey Deschaneland her three male roommates. They all are in their early 30s, and they’re still figuring out their lives. If you’ve been watching the show, then you know the first four seasons were great! Generation Z has rated the series one of the best,  you can see the results here!

new girl season 5

So why not keep it up and watch season five? New Girl Season 5 is guaranteed to have many more romantic twists and turns. Here’s a small glimpse of what to expect!

What You Can Expect From New Girl Season 5

new girl season 5
Courtesy of Fox

This season of New Girl is all about Cece and Schmidt’s wedding. Romantic relationships are all over the place (as usual) when Jess is gone for jury duty and Nick is interested in their temporary roommate. When Jess returns, she also unexpectedly gets back together with an old partner, and things get interesting between her and Nick.

new girl season 5

Towards the end of the season, wedding pressures set in, on top of all the relationship chaos. Suddenly Cece isn’t so sure about the decision to marry Schmidt, and you’ll have to watch every episode of season five to find out what happens! 

This show is hilarious, witty, quirky, romantic, and watching their insane lives might even make you feel a little better about your own! New Girl is sure to entertain you and help you relax. So don’t worry about that upcoming paper. Sit back, relax, and laugh along with Jess and her friends in season five!

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