Binge Watch New Episodes of Scandal, Available Now

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Scandal’s fifth season was released this month and already fans are eating it up.   Netflix is responsible for creating the “binge-watching” phrase and Scandal is worthy of binge watching.  Fans don’t have to wait long after the season ends on ABC for Netflix to have this available which is a plus!

The show takes place in Washington DC , and the main character, Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington, former media consultant to the president now owns a crisis management firm in Washington DC. The team refers to themselves as gladiators and includes former CIA operative Huck, professional hacker, Quinn, identity politics expert Marcus, Press Liaison to the White House, Abby.  They specialize in cleaning up lives of other people, but cannot do the same in their own lives.   In addition, Olivia struggles to leave a relationship she once had with President, Fitzgerald Grant 111 behind, which leads to alot of complications. Along with the team the Attorney General, David Rosen and Cheif of Staff, Cyrus Beene work to ensure President Grant stays in office.    The shows creator Shonda Rhimes also created hit dramas like Grey’s Anatomy.  This show has received numerous awards including the Peabody Award for Excellence in Television and Outstanding Drama Series at the Image Awards.

Season 5 is 21 Episodes starting out with Olivia and Fitz enjoying their time together.  If you haven’t watched,  start binge watching Season 1 and get caught up.  Season 6 should be out June of 2017.

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