This New Documentary Will be Your Latest Obsession

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Not to be confused with Manhunt, the fact based drama about the unabomber that mailed bombs at random. These bombs ranged from a small spark to deadly outcomes. While that is a fact based drama that you can catch on Netflix, Mindhunter is the documentary that will not only capture your attention, but it will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, you’ll get a chill down your spine.

Mindhunter will rival Making a Murderer and Narcos in this dark documentary. The director, David Fincher, was the perfect person to produce this. Fincher also directed the likes of Se7en, Fight Club, and Gone Girl amongst many other great films.

The docu-drama is set in the late 1970’s, around 1979, and will follow two agents of the serial crime unit of the FBI. The agents, Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) are in the midst of developing profiling techniques to catch serial killers and rapists.

The difficult things about these jobs? They aren’t working with the everyday, small town, robber that stole some merchandise from a store. They are dealing with serial killers and rapists that have committed various, brutal crimes.

The teaser that Netflix released, is just that. A teaser. It has the perfect amount of suspense, reality, and even a little bit dark irony. In the teaser trailer you will see special agent Holden Ford (Groff), holstering his firearm to his hip as he prepares to go face to face with a serial killer that he is about to start a profile on.

In the teaser, the view has a tons of questions as to why Ford is taking a piece into the maximum security prison anyway. His partner calls him out.

“He’s going to take the f—ing thing away from you, he’s going to kill you with it, and then he’s going to have sex with your face,” says Tench bluntly in the teaser.

The scene cuts and then we see Ford, in a room with his latest subject. His subject, feeling the tension, asks him why he is so tense. Ford, very unconvincingly says, “No, I’m not tense,” and the teaser cuts.

While there will more than likely be graphic visuals, things you may not want to see, and language you may not want to hear, the docu-drama will capture your whole mind. You’ll be glued to the screen once it arrives on October 13.

What do you think about the new docu-drama coming to Netflix? Are you enticed to watch it? The eerie tone of it is just in time for Halloween!

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