August is just around the corner and here’s what we know so far being added to Netflix. ¬†Although, it’s not as exciting as earlier summer additions of like Back to the Future, Lethal Weapon and¬†¬†Jurassic Park. ¬†Subscribers with young children might be pleased by the kids shows being added.


Beat Bugs Season 1- August 3

This kid series features songs from The Beatles and revolves around  5 friends that work together to explore and learn in their backyard.

The Little Prince – August 5

A stranded aviator encounters a boy who claims to have journeyed from his home on a distant asteroid  The plot thickens into another story about a modern girl befriending her elderly neighbor.

Project Mc2-  August 12

The series revolves around the STEM (STEM programs are designed to integrate science, technology, engineering, and math)¬†and the adventures of McKeyla McAlister and her friends, who work for an organization called NOV8 (pronounced “innovate”), a ¬†group of female operatives that are trying to protect the world.

The Get Down Season 1

A musical drama series,  The Get Down will follow a  crew of South Bronx teenagers in a broken down  New York City at the brink of bankruptcy, which gave birth to hip-hop, punk and disco.

Fearless- August 19

After a tragedy, a martial artist runs away to a remote village to gain an appreciation for the things in life that matter, but when he returns to face his past, he gets caught up in defending China’s honor.

Bottersnikes & Gumbles- 

Bottersnikes and Gumbles are fictitious creatures in a series based off of children’s books. ¬† These stories also have a strong environmental message as well as cute creatures.

XOXO- August 26

Follow six strangers during one night when all their worlds collide.  A night filled with romance.


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