New Netflix documentary Seeing Allred details the life of Gloria Allred

America’s Most Hated (and Loved) Legal Eagle Shares Her Stunning Story (Video)

If you care about women's rights then 'Seeing Allred' needs to be on your must-watch list. Gloria Allred has done more than many of us realize.

Netflix’s ‘Troy: Fall of a City’ Aims to Invoke GoT-Type Feels

Troy: Fall of a City aims to be an epic, like Game of Thrones (GoT). Since GoT is the stick to measure newcomers by, the question is, will it hit the mark? 
Photo of kids watching Netflix. Forbes reveals Netflix dominance...But can it last?

Forbes Reveals Greatest Challenges to Netflix Dominance in the Market

Netflix is synonymous with video streaming, but is that about to change?
Netflix orders home makeover show Amazing on the Inside

Amazing on the Inside: Netflix Home Makeover Reality Show is Our Dream Come True

Can frumpy on the outside, fab on the inside win us over? Watch out, HGTV... Netflix is muscling in on the home decor market with, "Amazing on the Inside."
Jessica Jones Pulp Fiction Comic Book Covers

‘Jessica Jones’ Inspires Pulp Fiction Book Covers, and They’re Amazing (Images)

The production has just released a series of comic book art covers for each of the upcoming Season 2 episodes. Even better, they’re by female artists. This mirrors the Jessica Jones showrunner to have all 13 episodes of the second season directed by women.
Netflix airs Cloverfield Paradox trailer during Superbowl.

Netflix Drops Trailer for ‘Cloverfield’ Sequel During Superbowl LII

Superbowl LII had some good and bad commercials this year. But the one that surprised Netflix viewers was the trailer for Cloverfield Paradox.
Photo of couple on Valentines Day with red "Netflix and Chill" heart.

8 Great Movies to ‘Netflix and Chill’ with on Valentine’s Day

Going out is great, but sometimes the best evening's on your couch. Here are eight great options to Netflix and Chill to this Valentine's Day. Or just watch with friends.
Johnny Carson is the reason Wolfgang Puck sells a frozen pizza, but, we'll get back to that. ugly delicious chef david change dusts off his hands in white chef coat on Netflix food documentary screen shot

Netflix ‘Ugly Delicious’: A Nerdy, Foody, Documentary Fusion You Need In Your Life

This is the powerhouse food documentary to set all others aside. Chef David Chang's global trek through the restaurant industry is, simply, perfect.
It's March, and that means new movies on Netflix! Here are some fantastic films, new and old, that you can stream right now on Netflix.

13 Can’t-Miss Movies You can Stream on Netflix Right Now

It's March, and that means new movies on Netflix! We've culled 13 fantastic films that you can stream right now. So grab your popcorn and settle in.

Incredible: Netflix Adding 30 New Anime Series and Movies in 2018

Netflix is on track to add a ton, well, ok, over 30 new Anime series this year. Here is the lowdown on everything you need to know about this exciting news!

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