Netflix to Launch in Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Netflix to come to Asia

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Netflix has been looking to expand its market in Asia and the Internet video streaming service has announced plan to enter four new markets on Wednesday.

Looking forward to its global expansion, Netflix will be officially available in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan by early 2016.

Netflix, which is looking forward to expand its business in countries with high internet speed, looks forward to growing its fan base in the Asian sub-continent as well.

“The combination of increasing Internet speeds and ubiquity of connected devices provides consumers with the anytime, anywhere ability to enjoy their favourite TV shows and movies on the Netflix service,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in a statement. “These four markets well represent those trends.”

The announcement came right after a California-based company, Los Gatos, launched its service in Japan. Netflix has already launched in Australia and New Zealand, while people in countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy can binge-watch their favorite television show by the end of the year.

Netflix now has 3.28 million new subscribers in the second quarter, beating its own projection of 2.5 million subscribers.

There has been no news regarding the pricing and availability of television shows and movies for Asian countries, which is believed to come quite in a while.

Reports in Korea Times say that the launch in South Korea was imminent and that Netflix will be partnering with local mobile and TV carriers to expand its reach.

In Japan, the company teamed up with Softbank, and all of the new smartphones in the region come with Netflix app, pre-installed.

The robust internet connectivity in these four Asian countries, with lower costs is what might be the reason Netflix is looking forward to expansion.

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