Watch: How Netflix Helped These 2 Superfans Get Hitched (Video)

Netflix helps man propose.

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Netflix and fall in love? This couple sure did. When groom-hopeful Conor wanted to propose to Kamela, he got help from their go-to date night: Netflix.

Conor and Kamela’s first date was watching Netflix together. Six years later, they’re still happily binging on a regular basis. To honor their mutual love of the movie and television show streaming platform, Conor asked Netflix to help him out with a little surprise. And the gang at Netflix was all in. So were Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, stars of the Netflix Original television show, The Santa Clarita Diet.

It’s not every day that a major entertainment company gets to help a young man propose to his lady love. So, Netflix pulled out all the stops.

Netflix sent a whole crew out to play a little prank on Kamela. They told her that they wanted to film her and Conor for a new reality TV show. The show would feature the young couple while they were watching Netflix together. (A bit like Mystery Science Theatre 3000, but with fewer robots and hopefully, better movies.)

Kamela was happy to participate. Her latest favorite binge is The Santa Clarita Diet. She calls the featured couple a “ride or die” couple, just like her and Conor. So, Netflix sends Conor and Kamela to get made up and then settles them onto a studio set to watch the next episode while they film their response.

But this episode is different. This episode features Barrymore and Olyphant sitting on a couch, talking to the camera. They’re talking about the keys to a happy marriage. “Don’t let your wife go to bed hungry.” That’s pretty good advice by anyone’s standards.

The whole time they’re watching, a red box with an engagement ring sits behind Kamela’s head on a bookshelf, waiting for the right moment for Conor to propose.

Suddenly, The Santa Clarita Diet has a new cast member. It’s Conor. He appears onscreen, inserting himself somewhat forcefully between the fictional couple on TV. He tells Barrymore and Olyphant that he has a question for Kamela. Then he announces he’ll let real-life Conor take over.

Real-life Conor gets down on one knee to propose, saying:

“It’s been awesome being your boyfriend, but if you’re cool with it, I’d rather be your husband.”

Watch the video to see how she answers:

Does it seem like Netflix is getting just a little too invested in everyone’s love life? After all, they recently called out 53 regular viewers who were marathon-binging their romantic holiday movie, A Christmas Prince, on social media.

Kamela probably doesn’t think so. Along with a memorable marriage proposal, she notes another cool high point in her life:

“Drew Barrymore said my name!”

Barrymore and Olyphant congratulated the couple and told Conor what a great job he did. Not everybody can get major studio backing when they propose to the person they love.

It does beg the question, however: Did Barrymore and Olyphant film an alternative ending?  You know, just in case…

Lucky for Conor, we’ll never have to know.

Now, we’ll be counting down the days till season two. There might be a wedding.

Featured image: Screencap from video by Netflix.

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