Netflix Stock Is Rising, The Risk Paid Off!

netflix stock

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Netflix has had hundreds of movies disappear in 2016, the main reason is due to Netflix’s decision to end contracts with top distributors and studios. The company decided to produce original content instead!  Therefore,  Netflix stock is on the rise!

This big move has opened the door for some of Netflix big competitors like Hulu to take some of those titles.

Why did Netflix make all those cuts?

netflix original

The answer:  Original Content

This bold move has made “Netflix Originals”  a term that has become synonymous with quality streaming.  Netflix is no longer just subscribers choice in on-demand streaming, but instead the service that provides new and exclusive programming.

Netflix now cashes in on “Netflix Originals” programing with shows like The Ranch, Stranger Things and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

2016 included production of nearly 600 hours of original content produced and Netflix intends to raise that in 2017 to roughly 1,000.

Netflix Stock

netflix stock

After trading closed this Wednesday,  experts saw the company’s stock rise by as much as 9%.

If Netflix stock continues to move upward, then you can rest assured that Netflix Originals will continue to grow too!  That means subscribers will be seeing a lot more original “quality” movies and TV shows in the future.




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