Netflix Star Rating– Should it Make a Comeback??

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“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”– Every Netflix user.

For me, when I turn on my PlayStation, the ps4 logo transparent background appears and once it is loaded, the excitement sets in.  The first thing that I go for? The Netflix app. Now normally I go right for the show that I am binging at the time.

Right now it is Grey’s Anatomy just to fall in love with the Grey’s Anatomy characters yet again. Before that, it was Dexter, for the first time. All the shows that I watch get rated in my head one out five.

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But lately, I have been looking for new things to watch. What have I found? Jack squat. Nada. Nothing. Sadly, I’ve been caught up on all my shows like Stranger things season 1 and 2. I’m waiting for Peaky Blinders to make an appearance. There just seems to be nothing that appeals to me.

The new rating system instead tracks what you watch and search for on Netflix and suggest titles to you with a percentage rating. For example, since I watch Dexter, Netflix suggest that How to Get Away with Murder as a 97% match for me to watch on Netflix.

This is quite different from the star rating that Netflix used to have. This is a visual that allowed viewers to physically rate the show what they though it deserved instead of a very bland line of thumbs up or thumbs down.

The “thumbs rating system” doesn’t allow you to really like, sorta like, like, kinda don’t like, dislike a show or movie in Netflix any longer. It’s either a yes or no. An in or an out.

The old rating system was based on one being the worst and five being the best. Sadly, it is an “in my head”

thing now that Netflix has taken over and done away with their five star rating. While this is not new news, it surely isn’t old news.

It is highly frustrating for many to go on Netflix and not be able to really get the gist of a show based on what others think or thought of it when they watched it.

So much so that there has been a petition started to bring back the five star rating. If you think that there should be a five star rating back on Netflix head on over and sign the petition and make the five star rating happen.

In addition to this, if you don’t want to sign the petition, head on over to find the number for customer service that correlates with your region and let Netflix know directly how dissatisfied you are with the rating system.

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