Netflix Responds to the Sense8 News

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Sense8 fans are irate over the news that their show has been canceled. The show was loved by those all around and not something to be taken lightly in the Netflix community. Although Netflix has been silent since their announcement almost a week ago until now. They’ve broken their silence and fans are not happy.

Why the Fans Are Mad

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The show was loved by most Netflix Bingers. They’ve fallen in love with it for more than one reason but incase you didn’t know, as we’ve said in a previous article, “For those of you that didn’t watch the show but are curious what all the hype is about, Sense8 was loved for it’s deep connection with fans, producers, and cast. The show was heavily loved in the LGBTQ community for the blunt storyline of unending, unashamed love. The title, Sense8, is a play on words so to speak meaning “sensate”.”

The fans are irate that the show has been canceled but they’ve got no time to listen to the reasoning of why the show was canceled in the first place. The show wasn’t on for very long, but it grabbed the hearts of many in the short time that it was a part of our lives.

What’s Been Done?

What’s been done to save the show so far has been heard by all and Netflix has heard every word and seen the petition to bring the show back. While Netflix has heard the cries and the pleas to bring the show back, it’s likely, almost definite that it won’t happen, per Netflix.

Netflix didn’t make the decision lightly, it wasn’t a here today, gone tomorrow kind of decision. It was an “in-your-face-must-be-done” kind of decision. While fans are angry that this masterpiece has been taken away too soon, their rage has been fueled to petition and troll social media with hashtags like #renewsense8. While this may have worked in the past this isn’t something that will work this time according to Netflix.

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Netflix came up with their own hashtag to show that they are loyal to the show that they’ve put tons of energy into and that they are loyal to their decision that has been made. Their hashtag, #SensatesForever, shows dedication and sadness of the decision on their part.

Hear What Netflix Is Saying

While there are petitions and special hashtags to try and revive the show, Netflix needs you to hear what they are saying when they say that Sense8 is done. Yes, it’s sad and yes it’s infuriating. Why get into a show if it will be canceled? Why start a new series in fear that you’ll become attached and the show won’t be renewed?

The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings said, “Our hit ratio is way too high right now. So, we’ve canceled very few shows… I’m always pushing the content team: We have to take more risk; you have to try more crazy things. Because we should have a higher cancel rate overall.”

One other thing to consider, Sense8 was one expensive show, ranking in at nine million per episode, the show was one of the most expensive shows produced by Netflix. Not only does Netflix have a ton of hits right now, they’ve also got the expenses that they’ve got to think about. This show was popular, but not popular enough to hold a title with a nine million dollar price tag.

As my mother always used to say, “You can’t put all your eggs in one basket” and Netflix is playing their cards smartly with this one. There may be a bigger plan than we realize for the show, but unfortunately this one lost out with the higher expense rate. They truly were between a rock and a hard place when they decided to cut this show while their other hits, 13 Reason’s Why and The Keepers, get to keep on going. Hear Netflix when they say that they tried, truly, they did. Sometimes life isn’t all roses and sunshine, but hey, at least Netflix is being honest with you about their decision.


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