Netflix Originals Coming to Netflix: May 2016

The second season of Netflix original Bloodline is set to air on May 27.

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Netflix is having a stellar year in terms of new Netflix Originals coming to the streaming service in 2016. We’re already mid-way in the second quarter of the year now, and with May coming close, Netflix looks forward to adding some amazing original shows to the streaming for its fans.

Despite the first quarter of the year having a really slow start and with only a few, not-so-good movies and shows coming to streaming, May looks completely different. Last month in April, a total of six new Netflix Originals were released on Netflix and this coming month looks more promising.

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We come up with a complete preview of all the new Netflix Originals coming to Netflix every month and here are the details for May 2016:

Marseille (Season 1)

May 5

Netflix Original coming to Netflix in May is Marseille.

With Neflix’s global expansion, the streaming giant has started to work on foreign language Netflix Originals. Marseille is the first Netflix Original with France as the place of origin and the show will also be in French. No worries, there are English subtitles to your rescue.

Created by Dan Franck and starring Gerard Depardieu, the first season will be eight episodes long and is set to air worldwide on Netflix on May 5, 2016. The show is about the politics in France where Robert Taro (Depardieu) goes to war after reigning as a mayor of Marseille for 25 years against after his former protege turned rival Lucas Barres (Benoit Magimel).

Grace and Frankie (Season 2)

May 6

Grace and Frankie Season 1 Netflix

If you’ve been a fan of comedy shows on Netflix, you surely should have enjoyed the first season of Grace and Frankie. The show has been renewed for the second as well as the third season, with season 2 set to release on May 6, 2016. The show chronicles the chemistry of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as Grace and Frankie whose husbands fall in love with each other and want to get married.


May 11

Chelsea Handler Netfix

Netflix is set to mark its first-ever talk show featuring Chelsea Handler this month on Netflix. Said to stream three days in a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the show will feature several guests and though not live, will have a live studio audience.

The artist says that the show will have some similarities to her previous four-part documentary “Chelsea Does” that premiered in January this year. She expects to get several politicians, athletes and celebrities, including Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Excited? I’m too.

Lady Dynamite (Season 1)

May 20

Netflix original Lady Dynamite is set to air on May 20.

In a slew of new comedy series pick up this year, Netflix is set to feature Maria Bamford in a mokumentary based on her life named Lady Dynamite this month in May. The thirteen episode who is set to premiere on May 20, 2016. Bamford, who is repped by Omnipop and attorney Lev Ginsburg, has already worked for Netflix show BoJack Horseman previously.

Chef’s Table (Season 2)

May 20

Chef's table on Netflix is set to air on May 27.

If you love to watch cooking shows, you surely should not miss the Netflix original Chef’s Table’s second season set to premiere on May 20. Created by David Geld, the show premiered first in April 2016 and the show follows chefs around the globe to provide audience with a chance to watch professionals cook delicious and unique food. The second season will feature Alex Atala, Dom, (Brazil), Ana Ros, Hiša Franko (Slovenia), Dominique Crenn, Atelier Crenn (United States), Enrique Olvera, Pujol (Mexico), Gagan Anand, Gaggan (Thailand), and Grant Achatz, Alinea, Next, The Aviary (United States).

Bloodline (Season 2)

May 27

The second season of Netflix original Bloodline is set to air on May 27.

Bloodline is surely a great engrossing drama series on Netflix and the cliffhangers of the first season is what can make season 2 more interesting. With its extensive use of flash-forwards and flashbacks, the tricks used in the show is what has made Bloodline damn gripping. The Rayburn drama is what I’m expecting to bring more thrills in the second season that’s set to premiere on May 27.

The Do-Over

May 27

The do-over on Netflix is set to premiere on May 27.

The second in a four-film deal between Netflix and Adam Sandler, The Do-Over is coming to Netflix on May 27. It is an American action comedy film directed by Steven Brill where two guys fake their deaths, only to discover that the two other they assumed to be are in deep trouble. This Netflix original should end the month of May for you in style.

What Netflix original coming to Netflix in May 2016 are you awaiting to watch desperately? Write us in the comments below!

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