Top 10 Netflix Original Series in 2017 Get Rated!

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Netflix began as a DVD renting service and quickly expanded to providing the streaming of both movies and television series. Throughout the years, Netflix has made a great name for itself and continues to prosper. One of the most recent ways that Netflix has been upgraded is the dozens of Netflix Original series and movies available to stream with the click of your remote. The first Netflix Original program was the television series ‘House of Cards’ which was released in 2013, receiving an amazing rating from viewers, and revealing Netflix’s potential for great original, self-commissioned content.  In this list we will review the top 10 as well as rating them.

Top 10 Netflix Original Series 2017

1. Stranger Things [usr 5.]

stranger things theories

One of the most popular series on Netflix just so happens to be a Netflix Original! Stranger Things has viewers on the edge of their seats during every single episode. The series currently has one season which was made available to stream in 2016.  The season is all about the disappearance of a young boy in a small town, his mother, friends, and the town’s local police chief are required to face terrifying forces in order to get him back to safety. There is a second season of Stranger Things that will be available in October of  2017.

2. Making A Murder [usr 4.9]

netflix original series

This Netflix Original Series has one season so far, with ten episodes telling the story of Steven Avery. Steven Avery was convicted of sexual assault and murder.  Watch Making A Murderer to see how, with DNA evidence, Steven Avery was exonerated from his conviction.

3. House of Cards [usr 4.9]

netflix original series

As you know, this series was the first Netflix Original releases in 2013 and started off Netflix’s line of original series. This program is a political drama that has won many awards throughout the seasons. Tune in and binge-watch the series on Netflix!

4. Orange Is The New Black [usr 4.8]


Orange is the New Black, also know as OITNB is a Netflix Original Series takes place in a women’s prison revealing all of the love, hate, drama, and everything in between.   Starring Taylor Schilling, this Emmy-winning series has four seasons available to stream on Netflix. Season 5 of Orange is the New Black is coming in June 2017.

5. Daredevil [usr 4.6]

netflix original series

 Daredevil is based on the Marvel comic book superhero who fights crime on the streets of New York while doubling as a lawyer who was blinded as a child.  Currently, Daredevil has two seasons available to stream.

6. Hip-Hop Evolution [usr 4.6]


netflix original series

Hip-Hop Evolution a Netflix Original Series is exactly what it sounds like!   This series will  walk you through the drastic evolution of hip-hop in American society from the 1970’s all the way through the 1990’s. This documentary series is both amusing and informational at the same time. Catch up on hip-hop with this one season series available on Netflix.

7. F is for Family [usr 5.0]

netflix original series

‘F is for Family’ is raunchy television sitcom that takes place in the 1970’s. As an adult cartoon this is one of the first attempts from Netflix.   The series currently has one season which are in 2015 and stars Bill Burr!

8. A Series Of Unfortunate Events [usr 5.0]

netflix original series

Based on the children’s book series, this Netflix Original is a must-watch for kids and adults alike. Many of us have enjoyed binge-reading this series and now it is time to take a turn for binge-watching the first season available on Netflix!

9. BoJack Horseman [usr 4.5]

netflix original series

With three seasons available to stream on Netflix, this original series is a witty television sitcom that is perfect for the days when you’re in need of a laugh. Try out this series if you’re one that loves adult sitcoms/cartoons! Binge-watch it today on Netflix.

10. Arrested Development [usr 5.0]

netflix original series

Last but not least, ‘Arrested Development’ is also one of the first Netflix Originals, airing for the first time on Netflix in 2013; this series currently has four seasons available to stream. The program brings the viewer along on all of the unlikely events that occur in a very dysfunctional family. This quirky show is guaranteed to give you a laugh or two; you may even find yourself relating to the characters, as embarrassing as that may be!

Binge Away!

You never know what your next favorite series is going to be. Use this list to find out, and get to binge-watching!

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