will robinson pictured in a space suit. WonderCon, one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s biggest cons to attend. So, debuting Netflix' Lost in Space reboot there makes perfect sense.

WonderCon, one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s biggest cons to attend. So, debuting Netflix’ Lost in Space reboot there makes perfect sense. And, now, the April release date for this show is just too far away!

WonderCon is an annual comic book, science fiction and film convention. This past week WonderCon was invaded by an amazing first reveal of Lost in Space reboot, as Netflix debuted the first episode at their fan confab. The audience was at the edge of their seat during the whole of the first episode.

Everyone was waiting for that famous Lost in Space line, “Danger, Will Robinson.” They were not disappointed.

The initial showing impressed fans of the ‘60s space series with the updated sci-fi remake. Netflix is sure to have a winner on hand here. The cast members Zack Estrin, Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Max Jenkins, Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall, Ignacio Serricchio, and Parker Posey arrived to take any questions the fans of the series had at WonderCon. One question that seemed to be a good topic was, “will the remake stay true to the original series?”

During the reveal of the first episode, you could see there were changes made to keep up with the times of 2018. Yet it still held a certain spirit of the original.

Lost in Space Teaser Trailer Reveal

Back in February, Netflix subscribers — plus those who keep up on social media — were gifted with a reveal of the remake with a short teaser trailer. During the trailer, the Robinson family reveal was made.

We are shown that something has possibly happened to Earth, yet not really given any clues as to what that might be. Then, at the end, that famous line, “Danger, Will Robinson” is uttered. Not in the voice fans remember from the original, but something that sounds a little more sinister, creepy. Don’t believe me? Here’s the teaser trailer just for you.

This month, however, we were finally given an official trailer. It shows a little more of what the Lost in Space reboot will be like. When Netflix started this remake, they knew they could sell upon the nostalgia of the original. Family shows are starting to make a comeback, and Netflix Lost in Space will be at the top of the list. New technology of this time gives the remake a more visually advanced storytelling capability. However, there is a groundedness to the remake. It takes into account that the Robinson family isn’t perfect.

Toby Stephens, who plays patriarch John Robinson had this to say, “It’s a real modern family, John has faults. He’s not some ideal parent. He’s trying to be an adult parent. They are all struggling to be better.”

The Official Trailer is Here

Since the show originated in the ‘60s it catered to the times it was created. Now, in 2018, there is a new audience, with fans of the original sprinkled in between. Estrin makes a point of letting us know that the Robinson family are not the only people who end up on this new planet. What, for real? He goes on to say, “You’ll be seeing people all over the world.” More than that, this remake will put women front and center. Especially with a gender bend. Doctor Smith is played by none other than Parker Posey.

When she was five years old she watched the original and loved Dr. Smith. Now she has this to say, “When I heard they were going to offer me the part it was really touching for me. I loved that they made her into a woman. You’re going to see over 10 episodes how this new Doctor Smith evolves.”

So, are you ready for the remake? Have you been a fan of the original and wonder what all the hype could be about? Fret not, because we have the official trailer for your viewing pleasure. It is filled with visuals of the planet the Robinson family gets stranded on. It is visually stunning. Not to mention, what was a robot in the original seems to be an alien now. Confused? Take a gander at the trailer and you will see what I mean. “Danger, Will Robinson!” will give you chills.


Featured image via screen capture from Youtube