Netflix Library- Learn Some Shortcuts!

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The Netflix Library is gigantic and holds more than 13,000 titles world-wide.  Navigating through the Netflix Library can become time consuming and confusing.  If you are like many of the subscribers we have heard from you feel the same way.

We are here with some tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you navigate your Netflix Library!

Star Ratings System:

Make sure you rate anything you watch.  If you loved it give it five stars then Netflix will know to recommend similar movies in the future.  Give it one star if it was something you just hated and your recommendations will adjust accordingly.

Have you seen the red stars next to each title?  Those aren’t rating from other subscribers they are based on how much Netflix thinks you will enjoy it.


Are you getting titles that you think are all wrong picks for you?  Try logging into the service from a computer or mobile device.  Go to the “Browse” option.  You can select from every title in each genre, then you will know you aren’t missing anything.

Personalize Your Profile

Be sure to visit the “Personalize” feature on your account, it will ask you a series of questions to get to know you better.  You can keep tweaking the recommendations with the star rating system as well.


Multiple accounts

If there is more than one person using your Netflix account it’s important to have them  watch content on their own profile, especially for kids.

Netflix Roulette

Netflix Roulette is a separate tool you can use if you’re indecisive when it comes to selecting titles on the Netflix Library. Just select a genre and hit “spin” to have the site automatically select a film or show. The site chooses a single result, however you can always “spin” again.


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Even if you scrolled through every single title that is picked for you by Netflix on the home screen, you still won’t see all that Netflix has to offer.  Additionally, if something you love is  not on Netflix, other titles others will be recommended for you to watch after Netflix searches the library for your movie or tv show.






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