Netflix to Launch in Japan by September

Netflix Japan

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Netflix is finally coming to Asia – the video streaming company has set its launch date in Japan on September 2, 2015.

Netflix is growing larger every year and with America and Europe as its central hub, it’s looking forward to business in Asia after revealing plans to enter Japan this coming fall. The date has been announced while the company has also setup its social media profiles for Japan.

The company was started in 1997 as an online DVD-rental service and today, it’s grown as the world’s largest video-streaming platforms with is availability in over 50 countries already. Netflix’s services are also in Australia and New Zealand but Asia was not in its prior considerations before.

However, with increasing number of internet users in Asia, Netflix will begin its business first in Japan and to India next…probably. Several other launches will also include Italy, Portugal, Spain and Iceland in 2015 while Czech Republic will also have access to Netflix by 2016.

The company believes to grow its base to around 200 countries by the end of 2016 and it surely will be the biggest feat in the history of video streaming company.

Netflix has around 66 million paying members all around the world, and the numbers are not just stopping there. With addition of several new and old movies and television series, the company has also started producing some of the Originals which have been getting much attention in the entertainment hub.

Netflix will compete against Hulu in Japan despite the later one not operating itself anymore. A VOD service has been established in Japan so that Hulu could focus more on the US market.

Netflix Japan setup its accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, where the details about the launch date was announced.

The company also has a promotional video for Netflix Japan and you can watch it here:

We still don’t know what sort of series and movies will be made available for Netflix users in Japan but we probably can guess some Original series might hit on Netflix right from the start.

If you’re in Japan and don’t know how to setup Netflix, here’s a step-by-step guide for Netflix Installation that you can follow to start binge-watching!

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