Netflix is the Happiest Company Out There Right Now–Here is How We Know

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Remember the show Dating in the Dark that we viewed on ABC around 2009 or 2010? The show that really made you have to see love for what it was, with no visual of the person you were with.

The room was pitch black, no night vision for those that were on dates. They sat and chatted with their potential date, but did not get to see them until the lights came on at the end.

That is what Blind, the app, did to top tech companies. This survey app allows  unethical questions to be asked, like, “Are you satisfied with your pay?”, “Are you interested in leaving your current position?”, or, “Are you interested in leaving your company”

When surveyed, companies like Apple, Google, Twitter, and Netflix were surveyed asking these exact questions. When these questions are asked to get a real and honest answer.

While it is proven that those that are paid fairly don’t have an interest in leaving their current position or their current job. They find themselves fairly compensated so they don’t find the need to seek happiness elsewhere.

Here are the results of what each company said when they were blindly asked if they were compensated fairly:

As you can see in the chart, almost 90% of employees at Netflix said that they were compensated fairly as opposed to the 10% of employees at WalmartLabs stating that they were not compensated fairly.

Check out the results that Blind pulled in for those that are interested in changing jobs:

As you can see from the survey, just under 30% of Netlfix employees are interested in changing jobs with no reason given, just that they have an interest in changing jobs or companies. That’s 60% less than the over 90% that came in from Groupon.

Let’s take a look at comparing the two categories side by side:

As stated before, those companies that compensate their employees fairly have a lesser rate of those wishing to change jobs or interests in other companies. While the environment makes the job, the wages are what keep the job.

That is proven true in this survey that Blind has given this handful of companies. Netflix came in first stating that they were compensated well and did not wish to seek other employment elsewhere.

Whether these two are related, that is not made known, but it seems to be a trend in the survey. Kudos to Netflix for treating their employees well and Kudos to Blind for giving employees the opportunity to speak out and really get the word out when it comes to hearing those that matter the most.

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