Netflix is a Joke… Here is Why

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We all know Netflix has been the butt of streaming jokes lately. They’ve been under the gun for the content that they have on their streaming service. They are also under the gun for the content that they taken off their streaming service. They are really just in the spotlight for their content– They’re a joke and Netflix knows it.

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Netflix knows whats up. While they may not have it all together all the time, Netflix does have it going on. This ad shows that they can laugh at themselves. Yes, it is an ad. These billboards have started popping up all over Las Angeles and New York as a way to catch the eye’s of Netflix lovers… and haters.

The more people see these billboards, the more people will question what is really going on. I mean, surely, Netflix wouldn’t put that billboard up there… Would they? Of course they would!

Netflix has put out these billboards to show off their funny side. They have a string of comedy shows and stand-ups coming to or already on Netflix and they figured it would be good advertisement when it came to showing their funny side.

Stand-ups include Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo, Dave Chapelle, and Amy Schumer: The Leather Special are just a few to list currently on Netflix. There are tons of other comedies on Netflix, but the thing that all those things have in common? They are Netflix originals.

Netflix Originals are the new up and coming for Netflix. More than likely, we will see more Netflix Originals than anything on Netflix as they want to start pushing their original content.

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Not only will this save them money, but this gives them the upper hand of what people really want to see. Hint, hint, Netflix… Your fans want to see more of Sense8. While these billboards aren’t the most logical way to go, they are rather smart when it comes to people questioning them.

Fans, new and old will search for information on these billboards. While it is a strange form of advertising, it is effective. Next thing we know, someone will vandalize these billboards to really hit the point across for their new show American Vandal coming out on September 15.

What do you think about Netflix off the wall, bold, yet funny advertisement? Do you think it’s an effective method to show off their hand at writing and producing? Let us know what you think!


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