Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Netflix’s ‘Irreplaceable You’ Will Make You Cry

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Life. It’s happening every day, all around us. Then one day you get news that changes your life. For the better? For the worse? In this case, the latter happens for Abbie and Sam in the Netflix original movie Irreplaceable You.

It is hard to imagine what life would be like when you find out you have cancer. Irreplaceable You dropped on Netflix this month. It stars the beautifully talented Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and geeky handsome Michiel Huisman. You follow childhood sweethearts who have been together since they were 8 and become engaged, destined to be together till death do them part.

Oh did we forget to mention, Christopher Walken is here as well! He is sure to bring comedy to any scene he will be in.

Together Forever? Irreplaceable You, a Netflix Original

Abbie and Sam have been together since that fateful day at a class aquarium trip, when Abbie decided to bite Sam. The rest is history. Irreplaceable You finds them living together in their Manhattan apartment, engaged, expecting their first child. It is all very exciting, the news of their first born.

Until they receive news from the physician that what they thought was a pregnancy, was, in fact, a tumor. There are, of course, quality-of-life treatments readily available to Abbie. Unfortunately, the doctor says it could possibly not work. Will they, indeed, be together forever?

Irreplaceable You is Sure to Make You Cry

What would you do if you found out you only have so long to live. In Irreplaceable You, Abbie drops her fitness membership to join a support group, who also crochet in attempts to curb the emotional turmoil they go through. In the group, you find quirky and sassy characters such as Kate (Kate McKinnon) and Myron (Christopher Walken) — who subsequently tells Abbie that Sam will go through a “slut faze.” Not to mention, bland group leader, Mitch (Steve Coogan), tries to lead everyone, but seems to fail. That is when Abbie decides she is going to plan the rest of Sams future for when she isn’t around anymore. For anyone who has gone through similar situations, they know how hard it is to keep emotions in check. Going through chemo is hard enough, but having to sit in a room with others going through similar situations is even harder.

It’s All Downhill, Kid

Abbie goes behind Sam’s back and creates an OK Cupid account, looking for the right woman to take her place. What could possibly go wrong with that? Sam, on the other hand, seems to have trouble coping with his emotions during this trial. Does Abbie stop to think about how he feels about the once pregnancy turn cancer? With fights between Abbie and her mother, you can see how Mbatha-Raw’s character spirals out of control. Even Huisman’s character turns into a bit of an unsupportive jerk.

Irreplaceable You Cast is Amazing

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Michiel Huisman chemistry help tell a story of a couple going through one of life’s curveballs. With the help of Stephanie Lang’s storytelling and Leslie Barber’s beautiful scoring, Irreplaceable You will move you to tears and isn’t afraid to depict these two lovebirds as jerks. How would you handle the emotions they go through?

Twists and turns abound in this romantic comedy/drama. This story of a young woman who learns to cherish what she has with the time given her is sure to move anyone’s heartstrings. Abbie and Sam learn to navigate life’s obstacles while Abbie goes through crisis mode trying to build a new life for her fiance. Can Abbie learn to not focus on what ifs, and focus on what is?  Irreplaceable You can be found on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

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