Netflix was banned from Schools and the Result was Astonishing

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Most of us remember the time when there was no internet in school. We relied on a good old fashioned pen, paper, and books to get the knowledge that we needed. While the internet is wonderful and has advanced us beyond our years. But with that advancement comes the social media downfall.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Netflix are the main sources of social media that allows for distraction. So what did one school in Vancouver, Canada do to combat the down fall? They banned the free wifi.

Kids were taken aback on the first day when they couldn’t access their social media accounts and socialize the only way that they know how.

Irena Pochop, the district spokesperson, said, “There was a bit of a kerfuffle on the first day of school.”

Putting the restrictions on the wifi is just the start of the solution though. It really starts with the kids at home, spending time with them, and giving them the attention that they need. Social media expert, Sean Smith, doesn’t feel like this is quite the solution that kids need.

Smith said, “We need to spend more time teaching our kids to be a little more effective and a little less distracted with these tools,” he told CTV News. “I talk about social media or the internet with my kids every single day.”

The one things that the school was ultra careful of was to recognize the fact that they couldn’t ban websites that may be helpful to the students. They didn’t want to ban sites that would be necessary or beneficial to any curriculums moving forward.

While Twitter is still available, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat aren’t accessible in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows secondary schools.

Pochop said, “Those were the four they identified as not having been used in class.”

Thus being the reason that the big four were banned from school districts. Besides, students don’t need to be watching Netflix, snapping their friends, or sharing stuff on Facebook or Insta.

Canada has the right idea as the majority of schools in Canada force you to leave their cell phones in lockers and a middle school in Victoria even went a step further announcing a ban on all devices.

Devices and social media has become an issue, so much so that schools are taking drastic measures to help with the learning curve.

What do you think about schools banning social media and smart phones? Is it a smart decision on their end?


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