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Netflix Anime Everything You Want To Know!


Netflix Anime what is it?  Anime is a Japanese-style animated show or a style of animation created in Japan.  Anime often targets children (Kokomo), girls (Shoujo) and boys (Shounen).  There are also a wide range of adult anime that feature a more complex plot, a slower pace, as well as adult themes and situations.     Other subgenres found in anime fantasy, comedy, crime,sports, martial arts, literary adaptations, dragons and war.

Characteristics of anime include colorful hair which is uniquely styled, exaggerated eye size and facial expression also makes anime different from other popular cartoons.  This picture shows all the characteristics of Anime,  notice the colors that are used, the facial expressions and the hair styles.

List of Netflix Anime

Nana (Not Rated)

The Seven Deadly Sins (TV-14)

RDG (TV-14)

Sword Art Online (TV-14)

Black Butler (TV-14)

Blue Exorcist (TV-14)

Attack on Titan (TV-MA)

Naruto (TV-PG)

Fate/Stay Night (TV-MA)

Your Lie in April (TV-PG)

Amin (TV-MA)

Death Note (TV-14)

Vampire Night (TV-14)

The Irregular at Magic School (NR)


Magi (TV-14)

Hunter X Hunter (NR)

Expelled from Paradise (TV-14)

Kill La Kill (TV-MA)

Moribito (TV-14)

Netflix Anime is one of the most popular genres on Netflix streaming service.  Related Articles:  What Pokemon Shows are available on Netflix?


To find out more about anime this book is amazing and can help anyone learn more about this growing genre.


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